Who Is Tony Balkissoon Married To ?

People always get rid of know Hollywood celebrity lifestyle. So for your refreshment today we will tell you about one Attorney (Advocate or Lawyer) who never got the acknowledgment of what he deserved. He is none other than Tony Balkissoon. Today we will reveal the detailed Biography of Tony Balkissoon. We will also reveal who is Tony Balkissoon married to.

Who Is Tony Balkissoon Married To ?

Who Is Tony Balkissoon ?

Tony Balkissoon is a Chicago-based attorney. His father is a famous politician whose name is Bas Balkissoon. His mother’s name is Tahay Balkissoon. People also know him as the husband of CNN host and political correspondent Laura Jarrett. Frankly speaking, the public image of his father and wife has overshadowed his professional popularity.

Tony Balkissoon Age & Date of Birth

Tony Balkissoon was born on 1st October 1981, in Ontario, Canada. Currently, he is 42 years old.

Tony Balkissoon Parents

There is no information regarding his mother. Tony’s father Bas Balkissoon is a former politician in Ontario, Canada.

Tony Balkissoon Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Tony is a Christian by religion with Canadian Nationality. His ethnicity is mixed. He is of North American descent.

Tony Balkissoon Education

Tony went to school in Scarborough, Canada. He graduated B.A. Sc. (Honors) from the University of Ontario in 2007. Then he went to Harvard Law School and graduated in 2010. He is also the winner of the prestigious Dean’s Scholar.

Tony Balkissoon Profession & Career

Tony started his professional law career at a law firm in Chicago. After gaining some experience at the law firm, he also worked as a law clerk. First, he worked at the District Court of Northern District of Illinois under the Honorable Manish S. Shah. Afterward, he also worked at the U.S. Court of Appeal under the Honorable Ann Claire Williams. Right now, he is the Vice President and Executive Counsel at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Tony also worked as a litigator for criminal justice and civil-rights cases. He is a justice fellow at Loevy & Loevy for the last 6 years and became a member of the Legal Assistance Foundation Board in 2018.

Tony Balkissoon Net Worth 2023

Generally, Advocates or Attorneys were always rich people. They don’t disclose their income. His successful career as an Attorney and his wife’s net worth, no doubt left that he is in a super-strong financial condition. His estimated net worth is around 6 Million US Dollars. The figure will surely double in the coming days as there is a huge scope of income sources in the legal field.

Tony Balkissoon Height, Weight & Body Complexion

Tony is 6 feet 2 inches tall. His height is 1.88 meters. He weighs around 61 Kg (134.48 Pounds). His hair color is black with grey color eyes. He has a body complexion of 37-29-12 (Chest-Waist-Biceps) inches.

Tony Balkissoon Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Tony Balkissoon has lost 3 kg weight during the last month. He is doing occasional workouts to remain fit and healthy. So far his health is all right.

Who is Tony Balkissoon Married To ?

Coincidentally Tony Balkissoon is married to an attorney. His wife’s name is Laura Jarrett, and her father is a doctor. Her mother is a successful businesswoman and also worked as the senior advisor for U.S. President Barack Obama during his tenure His wife too is a successful attorney. She began working as a lawyer in a law firm in Chicago. They first met together at Harvard Law School and tied the knot in 2012 at Paris Club. During their wedding ceremony, former U.S President Barack Obama was present. At that time Laura’s mother was the senior advisor to the President in the White House. On 16th July 2019, Both Tony & Laura were blessed with a baby. It’s a son. James Anthony Balkissoon is the name of their son. You can check here the full Biography of Tony Balkissoon’s wife Laura Jarrett.

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