Did Cote De Pablo Have A Baby ?

What Is Cote De Pablo Doing Today

NCIS fans had a deep heartbreak when their favorite character Ziva David played by actress Cote De Pablo left the show in the year 2013. From there onward it’s a big query among fans what is Cote De Pablo doing today ? Where is she right now ? Since NCIS leading actress doesn’t have any … Read more

Why Cote De Pablo Hates Plastic Surgery ?

Why Cote De Pablo Hates Plastic Surgery

The popularity of NCIS lead actress Cote De Pablo is tremendous. It’s her natural beauty that created so much popularity. She always believes in natural beauty. For your kind information, she doesn’t like any cosmetic surgery to show her beauty like other actresses. Today, you will also know why Cote De Pablo hates plastic surgery. … Read more

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