What Is Roma Army (Chloe Sunderland) Doing Today ?

Women’s rights are always a talking point in our society but have you ever seen someone is talking about men’s rights. It will be very optimistic that anyone thinks of men’s rights in men dominated world. There is one person who is going beyond optimistic. She is none other than Roma Army. Today, we will tell you about Roma Army (Chloe Sunderland) Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Relationship & More. We will also tell you what is Roma Army (Chloe Sunderland) doing today.

Who Is Roma Army ?

Roma is one of those girls who has been raising voices for men’s rights especially the victims. She is a human rights activist as well as a Tik Toker and Youtuber. Her real name is Chloe Sunderland. Roma is her nickname.

Roma Army Age & Date Of Birth

Roma was born on 1st June 1997 in Romania. Currently, her age is 26 years. When she was two years old her family is migrated to Canada.

Roma Army Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Roma is a Christian by religion with Romanian Nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed. She is of Latina descent.

Roma Army Profession

As we said earlier Roma is a Tik Tok star as well as a gender equality activist. She treats men and women equally. As per her women shouldn’t get a special preference anywhere. She always supports men. She states that more than women it’s the men who get victimized. She always highlights the issue where men are wrongly treated by our society.

Roma Army Relationship

The relationship status of Roma is very mysterious. Why we are saying mysterious you will be known in the next few lines. She has a boyfriend. But mysteriously she never revealed about him anything. Though she always features her on social media sites. It makes a confusion whether she had a boyfriend or not.

One more controversial video came on her youtube channel. The video is named “My Boyfriend Facing False Allegations”. Just check this video carefully where her boyfriend talked to her daughter and call her a friend but her daughter didn’t like that and said him stay out of her room.

Later, Roma confirms that she made this video because her boyfriend was accused of pedophilia.

Roma Army Kids

Roma already has a four years old daughter. Now again she is pregnant. She announced her pregnancy on Twitter 4 months ago. Here is the Tweet.

Roma Army Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Roma Army is 6 feet 0 inches tall. Her height is 1.82 meters. She weighs around 70 Kg (154.32 Pounds). Her hair color is light brown with black color eyes. She has a slim body with measurements of 22-24-28 inches.

Roma Army Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Roma Army has lost significantly 7 kg weight during the last month. She was pregnant a few months ago. She is doing daily yoga and exercise to remain fit and healthy. Currently, her health is perfectly all right.

Social Media Presence

Roma Army is very active in social media be it Tik Tok or Twitter. She had her Youtube channel in the form of Roma Army Mens Rights. The channel has over 1.66 Millions Subscribers. On Twitter, she has over 33.5 K Followers. Here she mostly tweets on men’s rights. She is mostly active on Tik Tok. But since Covid 19 onward she may have archived her Tik Tik account.

What Is Roma Army (Chloe Sunderland) Doing Today ?

Roma Army coming up with back-to-back videos. This time she came up with a video named exposing Hypocrisy in the Men’s Rights Community. This Tik Tok video has already gained over 80K Views.

Roma Army’s new video titled Foster Mom Is Mad That She Has To Parent A Boy already created a controversy on social media. The video already gained over 25K Views in the first 48 hours. In the video, Roma fired Heron Greenesmith (who won the foster mother of the year). As per Roma, people need to stop becoming foster parents.

Roma Army’s new video once again created controversy. Her new video is on actress Amber Heard. The video titled Amber Heard’s defense won’t stop talking about Muffins. Roma Army criticized Amber Heard’s attorney for their foolish presentation in the court. She said, is there any evidence that shows Amber is innocent and Johnny Depp was guilty. Few fans supported Roma Army’s arguments. The video already has over 18K Views.

Roma Army’s new video again hits back at mean girls and actress Amber Heard. She targets Amber with a powerful lady tag. According to her, “If you’re a female who likes to abuse men it’s pretty powerful to know that you can beat that man because ever since he hit the playground he was taught don’t hit girls. Roma Army lashes at Amber’s position advantage and said, “It’s a pretty powerful position to be in to be able to take advantage of the fact that society views women as weaker right, what damage can we do to men and if we do damage to them they’re weak. They’re not men.” The new video of Roma Army already gained over 15K Views and was praised by a lot of men. [Updated on 25th May 2022].

Roma Army again came up with the support of men. This time she gave a message to the Toxic Feminists. She urges all feminist girls to support men. They should speak on men’s issues too. Roma Army released a video on this topic on 1st July which grabs 7540 plus views. [Updated on 4th July 2022].

Roma Army came up with four back-to-back shorts in the last 24 hours. The first short (THANK YOU ALL FOR MY PLAY BUTTON) is where Roma received a special Gold Creator Award from YouTube for completing 1 Million Subscribers. She celebrates this Award with fans through this Short. The other three Shorts titled (This Video Is For MEN ONLY pt4), (Feminist Mad At Andrew Tate, But PRAISE A Man Killer) & (This Happens When Roma Tries To Take A Nice Picture) together grabbed almost 40K Views within 12 Hours. [Updated on 19th October 2022].

It’s nothing new for Roma Army (Chloe Sunderland) to entertain with her controversial videos on YouTube regularly. This time she came up with her new video again against female domination. She calls Feminism a Male Smear Campaign. According to Roma, Feminism is no longer about equality. Now women are not afraid to just be out and open with their rough behavior towards men so much so that women are now calling domestic abuse towards men. The video titled “She Beat Her Ex In PUBLIC and Women SUPPORT IT” has already gone past 25K Views within 48 hours. [Updated on 9th December 2022].

Roma Army has recently released her new podcast on her Youtube channel. It’s titled We Take ACTION For Men’s Rights. The podcast is comprised of 1 hour and 25 minutes that already has been viewed by over 6,000 people. Roma has crossed 1.20 Million Subscribers on Youtube and keeps going strong. [Updated on 18th December 2022].

Roma Army released a new music video on her YouTube channel. The Title of the song is GET READY WITH ME. It’s composed by Jackie Artt. The song was choreographed beautifully. Roma wakes up in the morning and takes a bath at everything. The most interesting in the video is she checks her weight at the last. The video already gained over 26,000 views. [Updated on 27th September 2023].

Roma Army’s new video again caught the attention of the viewers. In her latest video, she talks of those ladies who force their daughter to make false allegations about her boyfriend. The latest video from the kitchen, titled Mom Intimidates DAUGHTER Into Making A False Allegation already crossed 25k Views within 12 hours. She shares a tweet and a clipping in the video where a lady screams out of anger and frustration on a child’s face. Roma lashes out at this clip and protests against this behavior. She also got the support from viewers too. [Updated on 10th October 2023].

Roma Army’s latest tweet again created a controversy. She tweeted that, “Today’s society encourages men to want women for their bodies and for women to want men for their money. It’s up to YOU to prove that you’re worth more than that because you can’t control anyone else’s shallowness. But we’re not ready for this conversation yet.” The tweet had over 12.3K Views with 35 Reposts and 243 Likes. [Updated on 18th October 2023].

In her new video Roma Army talks about How to talk to women as nervous men. She gives tips to the man on how to approach a girl despite getting nervous or shy. As per Roma guys can be confident and shy at the same time approaching girls. She gives tips that tell the girl that you are a bit nervous, even if you are rejected it still makes that girl think politely towards you. One lady fan appreciated this step and commented, “Thank you for the advice, Roma. And I also appreciate you saying that most women are decent. A lot of people tend to generalize women and say they all do those awful things and it just isn’t true. So thank you for being such a light in this world and making it such a happier place.” [Updated on 6th November 2023].

Roma Army Finance & Net Worth 2023

Roma’s main source of income is from Tik Tok and Youtube. Recently she paused her Tik Tok account but her Youtube channel is very popular. As per early estimates, her net worth is around 11 Million US Dollars approximately till September 2023. Meanwhile, you all can check here who is Roma Army married to.

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