Why Did Cameron Diaz Retire ?

Reason Behind Cameron Diaz Retirement From Hollywood – Cameron Diaz, once the highest-grossing actress in Hollywood, retired from films in the year 2017. Her fans were surprised by this sudden decision. Everyone have a query why did Cameron Diaz retire ?

During a recent interview, Diaz revealed why she had said goodbye to the film world. Cameron Diaz said that she had a lot of peace after retiring from films. She told further that her work started increasing with age and then her mindset started changing. Work impacted their relationships.

Why Did Cameron Diaz Retire ?

Cameron said it was difficult to work in films for so long. She said that after leaving the film world, I decided to focus on my friends and family. Diaz said she never felt comfortable with that type of life and because of this, she had to decide to say goodbye to the film world.

Cameron is not only known as an actress but also a writer. Cameron has uncountable assets. In 2010, Forbes included her in the list of 100 rich female celebrities. She also owns a luxurious bungalow in Los Angeles.

Whatever be the actual reason behind Cameron Diaz retirement from Hollywood, fans still love to see her in a big stage.

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