Rachael Markarian Biography, Age, Net Worth, Box Office, Relationship, Weight Loss & More

Actress Rachael Markarian is very much in the headline with her new movie Bandit. She played the role of Cute Clerk in this movie. Today we will throw some light on the biography of Rachael Markarian along with her age, net worth, Box Office, relationship, weight loss, and lots more.

Rachael Markarian Biography, Age, Net Worth, Box Office, Relationship, Weight Loss & More

Who Is Rachael Markarian ?

Rachael Markarian is an American actress, choreographer, pro dancer, mentor, and storyteller of words and movement. She is known for her role in Top Gun –Maverick, All American, Bandit, Tales of the Walking Dead, and many more.

Rachael Markarian Age & Date of Birth

Rachael Markarian was born on 10th July 1982, in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Currently, she is 40 years old.

Rachael Markarian Parents & Siblings

Rachael Markarian’s mother Robin Markarian, was a teacher for the Worcester Public Schools for 35 years. Her father Michael Markarian, owned a men’s clothing store downtown. She has two older brothers named Jason Markarian and Adam Markarian respectively.

Rachael Markarian Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Rachael Markarian is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is White.

Rachael Markarian Education

Rachael Markarian majored in Theatre & Dance at Oklahoma City University.

Rachael Markarian Profession & Career

Rachael Markarian debuted in Hollywood with the movie Southland Tales in 2006. Her television debut came the same year with the TV Series Nip/Tuck in 2006. She becomes popular with the role of Dr. Neema Fiskell in the TV Series All American in 2020. Her last movie Bandit released in 2022. So far she has been part of 50 Hollywood flicks including TV Series to date.

Rachael Markarian Net Worth 2022

Rachael is in the Hollywood industry for the last 16 years or more. One can expect a solid income from her. But that’s not the reality. The estimated net worth of Rachael Markarian is around 2.50 Million US Dollars. The figure might increase as her upcoming movie The Stalking Fields is completed.

Rachael Markarian Relationship & Boyfriend

So far there is no information regarding her relationship status with Rachael Markarian. She is trying to remain her status private. Once, we get the information about her past boyfriend we will update you.

Rachael Markarian Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Rachael Markarian is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her height is 1.73 meters. She weighs around 57 Kg (126 Pounds). Her hair color is light brown with hazel eyes. She has a half-curvy body with measurements of 33-28-30 inches.

Rachael Markarian Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Rachael Markarian has lost 2 kg weight during the last month. She is doing occasional workouts to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is satisfactory. She is suffering from Low Blood Pressure.

Rachael Markarian Box Office Collection

Rachael Markarian’s latest movie Top Gun – Maverick collected 14 Million US Dollars at the Italy Box Office.

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