Pink Sparkles Net Worth 2023

You are seeing a lot of new internet stars nowadays. Today we will talk of one more new sensational star who created a storm in digital media with her hot pictures. She is Pink Sparkles. Let’s check below the estimated net worth of Pink Sparkles.

Pink Sparkles Net Worth 2023

Who Is Pink Sparkles ?

Pink Sparkles is a Twitch Streamer, Instagram Star, Gamer, and Internet Celebrity. Her real name is Samantha Tomlensen. She is also a makeup specialist and fashion expert. Her YouTube channel Piink Sparkles is very popular with over 1.12 Million Subscribers.

Pink Sparkles Age & Date of Birth

Pink Sparkles was born on 17th May 1990 in Canada. Currently, she is 33 years old.

Pink Sparkles Education

There is very little information available on her education. What we know is that Pink was an excellent student of mathematics.

Pink Sparkles Profession & Career

By profession, Pink Sparkles is a YouTuber. She created her YouTube channel on 21st September 2009. She is also a beauty/fashion blogger. Her favorite makeup brand is MAC Cosmetics.

Pink Sparkles Net Worth 2023

Pink’s main source of income is from Instagram and YouTube. The estimated net worth of Pink Sparkles is around 1.25 Million US Dollars.

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