Paulina Andreeva Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Son, Weight Loss & More

Fans gone very much excited after seeing the role of Olya in the TV Series The Telki which was played by actress Paulina Andreeva. Today we will talk about Paulina Andreeva Net Worth, Biography, age, net worth, relationship, hot, weight loss, and more.

Paulina Andreeva Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Son, Weight Loss & More

Who Is Paulina Andreeva ?

Paulina Andreeva is a Russian actress and singer. Her notable acting roles have included the Russian television series The Method, and the Netflix science fiction production, Better than Us. Her real and full name is Paulina Olegovna Andreeva.

Paulina Andreeva Age & Date of Birth

Paulina Andreeva was born on 12th October 1988, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently, she is 35 years old.

Paulina Andreeva Parents & Sibling

Paulina’s father’s name is Oleg Andreyev whereas her mother’s name is Maria Andreyeva. She has one sibling named Igor Andreev.

Paulina Andreeva Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Paulina is a Christian by religion with Russian Nationality. Her ethnicity is White.

Paulina Andreeva Education

Paulina studied dance. After high school, she entered the faculty of journalism of Saint Petersburg State University, studied for two years, and moved to Moscow, where she entered the Moscow Art Theatre School (named after Chekhov).

Paulina Andreeva Profession & Career

Paulina debuted in Hollywood with the movie Temnyy Mir : Ravnovesye in 2013. Her Television debut came 6 years ago in 2007 with the TV series Law & Order : Operational Investigations Divison. She becomes popular with the role of Esenya in the TV Mini-Series The Method. Her last TV Series The Telki released in 2022. So far she has been part of 22 Hollywood flicks including TV Series to date.

Paulina Andreeva Wedding, Husband & Son

Paulina Andreeva married Fedor Bondarchuk on 17th September 2019. She has one son named Igor.

Paulina Andreeva Hot, Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Some of the hot pictures of Paulina Andreeva before marriage were ravishing to watch. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her height is 1.71 meters. She weighs around 57 Kg (126 Pounds). Her hair color is light brown with blue eyes. She has a slim body with measurements of 31-24-26 inches.

Paulina Andreeva Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Paulina Andreeva has lost 2 kg weight during the last month. She is doing occasional workouts to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is all right with a slight back problem. She was pregnant a few years ago.

Paulina Andreeva Net Worth 2023

Paulina is in the Hollywood industry for the last 15 years or more. The estimated net worth of Paulina Andreeva is around 6 Million US Dollars.

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