Pauley Perrette Celebrates Her Father’s 85th Birthday With A Touching Note

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic may be forcing families to remain apart during the holiday season but that isn’t stopping Pauley Perrette from helping her father. Begin the new year in late November the NCIS fan favorite sent a heartwarming video to her dad. Pauley Perrette celebrates her father’s 85th birthday with a touching note.

Pauley Perrette Celebrates Her Father’s 85th Birthday With A Touching Note

Pauley Perrette, as she celebrated her father’s 85th birthday showing a brief clip of the video with her Twitter followers. Began the video with the chirper Happy Birthday to her father admitting that she misses him so much.

The actress who portrayed Abby Sciuto on NCIS donned a shirt reading daddy’s girl in the video and said that she wishes she could hold her father’s hand. She also said that she wishes she could hug her father.

The actress noted that this is the first time in like a decade that we haven’t seen together on her father’s birthday. She went on to reveal that, she and a bunch of people who love her and her friend wheels came together to create a truly unique and special gift to make her father feel close to them on this birthday.

The video only the intro of which she shared is kind of like your birthday’s passed and a bunch of other stuff to make you happy. Pauley Perrette revealed telling her father that she hopes you enjoy what we did and I love you.

She went on to sing happy birthday before concluding with another I love you. Pauley Perrette’s father should certainly be feeling the love because the video prompted an outpouring of birthday messages from the actress’s followers.

One person responded by writing, “wishing him a very happy birthday on this most unconventional time.” Another commented “biggest birthday wishes to your dad that was the sweetest intro into a birthday video.”

Paul’s birthday celebrations this year are vastly different from when he turned 84. In 2019 he traveled from his home in Alabama to join his daughter on the set of her. Now cancelled a CBS comedy broke where Pauley Perrette decided to gift him.

Another special present she decided to sing a rendition of his favorite song because he lives that just, had shared a video of the special moment to Twitter. Showing her, holding her dad as she sang and him eventually joining in marked her father’s 85th birthday, re-share the video noting that her father loves it and adding wow how things have changed. Hope you enjoyed the above touching video.

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