7 All Time Records That Ajay Devgn’s Singham Returns Created 5 Years Ago

Singham Returns All Time Records

There have been always negativity goes against the Starpower of Ajay Devgn in media. They always somehow try to down the Starpower of Ajay Devgn by not highlighting the records which were created by him. Today, I want to mention some of those records which were created by Ajay Devgn’s biggest opener Singham Returns. It … Read more

Why Simmba Rape Scene Is In Controversy?

Simmba Rape Scene

Last year Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s movie ‘Simmba’ has come into controversy after the release. Many people had protested against Rape Scene in the movie. Regarding this, the director of ‘Simmba’, Rohit Shetty gave his answer on this whole issue. Meanwhile, on the questioning of Simmba Rape Scene, actor Ranveer Singh has given a big … Read more

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