Shah Rukh Khan Earning

No Release Still Shah Rukh Khan Earning Increased In 2019

King Khan of Bollywood is currently away from the film screen, but Shahrukh Khan’s name is ranked sixth in the list of top-100 celebs released by Forbes. Shah Rukh Khan did not land a single film at the Box Office in 2019, but is fourth in terms of revenue. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan earning increased in 2019. Shahrukh has earned crores in 2019 without releasing the film. In such a situation, do you know what is the source of Shahrukh Khan’s earnings?

Before getting to know about his business and earnings, know how much Shahrukh Khan’s earnings are. According to the information released by Forbes, King Khan has earned Rs 124 crore in the year 2019. Earlier in 2018, Shah Rukh Khan had earned 56 crores, while King Khan had earned 170.5 crores in 2017.

Shah Rukh Khan may not have released any film, but SRK is also a businessman and has earned so much money from his business mind. If we talk about his business, then his endorsement is very high, that is, he has taken many projects like advertising in his hand. Shah Rukh Khan is currently associated with around 14 brands, including brands such as ICICI, BiJus, Big Basket, Tag Heuer, Lux, Hyundai.

Apart from this, Shah Rukh Khan also has a good income from Red Chillies Entertainment and through this, he also released Bard of Blood on Netflix. It has been given a good response from the audience. Let us tell you that the names of Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are above than Shah Rukh Khan earning in this list.

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