New Interview Of Densi On NCIS Los Angeles Season 12

NCIS Los Angeles returns this Sunday for its 12th season of more high stakes drama action and a little romance. Before that one new interview of Densi on NCIS Los Angeles Season 12 reveals two new secrets. This season is a pivotal one for one of television’s favorite couples who fans know and love as Deeks and Kensi or Densi. The actor Eric Christian Olsen and actress Daniela Ruah who star as the married couple Deeks and Kensi on the show reveals something new in News Channel 5. On asking whether there’s is any baby news in the new season for Densi.

Daniela Ruah replied, “I can definitely tell you that this season’s going to be very interesting when it comes to this couple reality, has smacked them in the face. The reality of life outside of work has smacked them in the face. Obviously, work life is very real for them. But they are planning to purchase a house but then because of laps reforms, Deeks loses his job. So now we’re down in income and that obviously affects what they’re capable of doing with purchasing a house and all those logistics they’re also trying to get pregnant. Finally, Kensi is on the same page as Deeks and they want to start a family. That isn’t necessarily happening you know when they hoped it would happen. So we’re going to be dealing with a lot of obstacles as this couple. You know how they communicate with each other and how they help each other through the moment.”

On asking what it’s been like getting back into production again after such a long time, Eric answers in the following words, “We shut down. We didn’t finish the last episode of last season. I think there was so much unknown. I think the great news is from the top down from CBS the studio the network. Our producers logistically listening to science and taking the precaution and the protocol to make it happen and so we have thanked god. You know 300 people back at work. We’re on episode 8. Everyone’s wearing masks and face shields being tested three times a week. We’re in separate pods. I mean just totally dropped another conversation like what’s up. That’s insane. That’s definitely the Chechen. The Chechen just hacked my phone. It’s real life. It’s incredible to be back and to function as a team. Everyone’s kind of on the same commitment to just be as safe as possible so that we can keep doing this and keep people employed and try to get through until we get a vaccine.”

You can check the full new interview of Densi on NCIS Los Angeles season 12 below.

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