Mia Randall Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family & More

Nowadays child celebrity is one more important part of social life. We have seen recently how Tiana Gia Johnson & Jasmine Johnson becomes popular during their childhood age. Similarly, today we will be talking about one more child who is a rising internet celebrity. She is none other than famous football player Patrick Mahomes’s sister Mia Randall. Let’s reveal Mia Randall Net Worth, Biography, Age, family, and lots more.

Mia Randall Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family & More

Who Is Mia Randall ?

As we said earlier Mia Randall is a child celebrity. She becomes popular due to her elder brother Patrick Mahomes. She is a sports lover. Tennis, Baseball, WWE, and Squash were her favorite sports. She already becoming popular on social media.

Mia Randall Age & Date of Birth

Mia Randall was born on 2nd July 2011, in Texas, United States of America. Currently, she is 12 years old.

Mia Randall Family

As a child, Mia had already become popular. But, her background is the main source for her to become popular. Mia’s mother Randi Gail Martin raised her. Her stepfather’s name is Patrick Mahomes Sr. Her family life is a tragic story. They separated in the year 2006.

Mia has two elder brothers named, Jackson Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes Jr. Her mother is an event planner at Holy tree Country Club. She also has a website, QB Producer, where she shares more about life.

Mia’s first elder brother Jackson Mahomes is very popular on all social platforms. Be it Tiktok (more than 1 Million followers) or Instagram (close to 260K followers), or a YouTube channel with 30,000+ subscribers.

Mia’s second elder brother Patrick Mahomes Jr. is popular with all. We know him very much. He had a passion for playing baseball, basketball, and football. Finally, he stuck to football and join the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League. He has a daughter name Sterling Skyes, born in February 2021. Thus you can call Mia Aunty. Strangely, she becomes aunty in childhood itself.

Mia Randall Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Mia is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed.

Mia Randall Education

Mia is currently studying at Texas High School. She is in the 6th standard. Her studies were affected badly due to Covid-19. She is an intelligent student. Her favorite subject is Science.

Who Is Mia Randall’s Father ?

Mia’s father’s name is still unknown to everyone. She was raised by her mother Randi Gail Martin. Her stepfather is Patrick Mahomes Sr. Mia was born in the Generation Z era. It may be that her father abandoned the young girl, so not much is known about his real father. However, this is just a rumor and there is no evidence of this information.

Is Mahomes Sister A Half Sister ?

Yes, probably you can say this technically. Both Mahomes and Mia have the same mother but their father is different. So technically you can call Mia half sister of Mahomes.

Mia Randall Net Worth 2023

Mia is too young to start her career. The estimated net worth of Mia Randall is around 2,000 US Dollars.

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