Melissanthi Mahut Net Worth 2023

Fans are very much aware of the character Calliope in the latest TV Series The Sandman. It was played by none other than actress Melissanthi Mahut. Today we will talk about the estimated net worth of Melissanthi Mahut.

Melissanthi Mahut Net Worth 2023

Who Is Melissanthi Mahut ?

Melissanthi Mahut is a Canadian actress. She is known for her role as Kassandra in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and for playing Mita Xenakis in the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest – The Story of Fire Saga.

Melissanthi Mahut Age & Date of Birth

Melissanthi Mahut was born on 20th September 1988, in Toronto, Canada. Currently, she is 35 years old.

Melissanthi Mahut Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Melissanthi is a Christian by religion with Canadian Nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed. She is of Greek descent.

Melissanthi Mahut Education

Melissanthi completed her school life at the National Theatre of Greece Drama School. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting in 2012 from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Melissanthi Mahut Profession & Career

Melissanthi debuted in Hollywood with the movie Cool in 2007. Her Television debut came 6 years later in 2013 with the TV Series Quick Cuts. She becomes popular with the Kassandra in video game Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey. Her last TV Series The Sandman released in 2022. So far she has been part of 22 Hollywood flicks including TV Series to date.

Melissanthi Mahut Net Worth 2023

Melissanthi is in the Hollywood industry for the last 15 years or more. The estimated net worth of Melissanthi Mahut is around 2.75 Million US Dollars. The figure should increase next year as her new movie The Meg 2 – The Trench is under post-production.

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