Meg Foster Net Worth, Biography, Age, Eyes, Divorce, Son & Weight Loss

Did you remember the character Ingrid in the Hollywood movie Ticket To Heaven ? The character was played none other than American veteran actress Meg Foster. Recently she is in the news for her eyes. So, today we will discuss Meg Foster Net Worth, Biography, age, eyes, divorce, son, and lots more.

Meg Foster Net Worth, Biography, Age, Eyes, Divorce, Son & Weight Loss

Who Is Meg Foster ?

Meg Foster is an American film and television actress. Some of her many roles were in the 1979 TV miniseries version of The Scarlet Letter, and the films Ticket to Heaven, The Osterman Weekend, and They Live. Her real name is Margaret Foster.

Meg Foster Age & Date of Birth

Meg Foster was born on 10th May 1948, in Reading, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Currently, she is 75 years old.

Meg Foster Parents & Siblings

There is very limited information regarding the parents of this veteran actress. Meg’s father’s name is David Foster and her mother’s name is Nancy Foster. She has four siblings (Three sisters and one brother). Nina Foster, Jan Foster, and Gray Foster were her three sisters and Ian Foster is her only brother.

Meg Foster Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Meg is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is white.

Meg Foster Education

There is very limited information available on her education. Meg studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York.

Meg Foster Profession & Career

Meg acted in a Cornell Summer Theatre production of John Brown’s Body in 1968. Her debut TV Series was Net Playhouse in the year 1969. He joins Hollywood with Adam at 6 am in 1970. Meg was a regular actress from 1970 to 1990. She appeared in films throughout 1980. She becomes popular with the role of Ingrid in Ticket to Heaven. She was nominated for Best Performance by a Foreign Actress in the 1982 Genie Award for this role. Her last movie Hellblazers released this year. She is in the industry for the last 54 years and is one of the veteran actresses in Hollywood. She had been part of 123 Hollywood flicks including TV Series to date.

Meg Foster Eyes

Recently there were so many queries in the media regarding her eyes. Meg’s striking pale-blue eyes were dubbed in “the eyes of 1979” by Mademoiselle magazine. She said in a newspaper interview that year, that her eyes were not “so distinctive”. However, some film and television producers had she wear contact lenses to lessen what they considered her eyes’ “distractive” effect.

Meg Foster Relationship, Wedding, Husband, Divorce & Son

It’s a long relationship status for Meg Foster. She first dated Ron Starr. After engaging with him a few years both break up. She then started dating Brian Kerwin in 1983. After 3 years both break up. Again in 1989, she engaged with Michael O’Keefe. This relationship didn’t last long. After back-to-back three breakups, Meg was finished. She needed a guy who can love her.

Then come Canadian actor Stephen McHattie in her life. We have no idea when they both married. They have one son named Christopher. Even after marriage and son, Meg’s love life not so happy. She divorced Stephen. Right now she is single. With being a senior citizen we don’t think she will be thinking of any more love in her life. Rather she might be happy with her son.

Meg Foster Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Meg is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her height is 1.69 meters. She weighs around 70 Kg (154.32 Pounds). Her hair color is blonde with blue color eyes. She has a normal body with measurements of 38-29-39 inches.

Meg Foster Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Meg Foster has gained 5 kg weight during the last month. She is doing routine walking to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is satisfactory. She has High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Meg Foster Net Worth 2023

When you are in Hollywood for over 50 years it’s obvious there will be curiosity among fans regarding her income. The estimated net worth of American actress Meg Foster is around 6.25 Million US Dollars. The figure will increase in the coming days due to her future movie Haunted 333 which is slated to be released.

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