Marjaavaan Day 4 Collection

Marjaavaan Day 4 Collection, Live Monday Box Office Update

Marjaavaan Day 4 Collection, Live Monday Box Office Update (Morning Shows) – Marjaavaan started well in the mass region today. Bihar once again has a better start as compared to others. There is a heavy drop at North India plexes in the morning shows itself. The drop is coming more due to falling down of the UP region. Mumbai started decently. In CP Berar there is a mixed start. Places close to the Vidarbha region are very low but places near the Chattisgarh region is holding very good in the early morning shows at smaller plexes. There is also a good start at the Rajasthan market too. Though, In Nizam, there is a slow start. Single Screens should perform better as the day progress.

It’s too early to compare with Friday figures as most of the Single Screens will start from noon onwards. Marjaavaan needs to hold strong today to have any chance to take benefit for weekdays. Good thing is that the movie is scoring best at Single Screens and there will be no ticket drop in this department, unlike Plexes. Marjaavaan had a good weekend. But, it needs to carry this momentum for weekdays also to become HIT at Box Office. There will be a drop at Multiplexes today. But, how good Single Screens can hold that’s the key. It will be very interesting to see how the movie goes from here on. The early trend suggests there is a 30-32% drop from Friday morning.

Marjaavaan Day 4 Collection, Live Monday Box Office Update (Evening Shows) – Marjaavaan has a big drop at Multiplexes. In North India, it drops big, especially in the UP region. In Bihar also it comes down from a higher level and had a capacity of around 25-30% in the evening shows. The best hold came at CP Berar and Nizam territory. The Single Screens holds good in Central India, Rajasthan, Nizam and West Bengal. Even Bihar also decent. Overall, there is a drop of 30-33% in the evening shows from Friday. During afternoon time it had a bigger drop of around 38-40%. Night Shows were just started, Marjaavaan needs to reduce the gap of fall in occupancy chart. [9 pm].

Territory12 pm3.30 pm8-9 pm
Delhi NCR14%17%25%
East Punjab8%8%12%
CP Berar12%10%19%
Central India10%10%13%
West Bengal15%17%21%
South India14%16%29%

For Friday 13 Territories Occupancy Chart do follow this link