Marjaavaan Day 3 Collection

Marjaavaan Day 3 Collection, Live Sunday Box Office Update

Marjaavaan Day 3 Collection, Live Sunday Box Office Update – Sidharth Malhotra’s Marjaavaan had a very ordinary advance for Sunday. This is a bit surprising for us as today it holds well at the mass region. But, it’s the metros which let the movie down. There was a scope on Saturday evening due to the romantic angle of the movie but somehow it didn’t pick up big so the movie now completely relies on mass belts. The big problem for Marjaavaan is it doesn’t have any family audiences appeal. The niche caters to a young audience. It limits the growth on Saturday evening and Sunday when family audiences come to large numbers. The movie is doing extremely well at Single Screens. There is also a chance that tomorrow Single Screens may score big. But, we are still not sure of the word of mouth. Hit music has given the movie opening. Now, the content will come into play after each passing day. Coming back to Advance, Marjaavaan has the best or very good Sunday booking only in Bihar and Nizam territory. The rest of India is a bit average. UP too not that good what we expected. Though, Single Screens don’t rely on the advance, so Marjaavaan can surprise tomorrow noon. But, it needs to happen otherwise catching game will start from Monday. Marjaavaan day 3 collection is very important for the whole context of the movie as where it going. The trend will be pretty clear from tomorrow late afternoon onwards. Marjaavaan can’t afford to have normal growth on Sunday that will not be a good sign.

Marjaavaan Day 3 Collection, Live Sunday (Morning Shows) Box Office Update – Marjaavaan fights back on Sunday. After a decent Saturday, it again showed positive trend on Sunday morning shows. The occupancy is very strange and peculiar from the morning itself. The places like East Punjab and Rajasthan started double the capacity of Saturday morning. Few PVR chains at Mohali is going close to 45% in the morning shows which is really surprising. Bihar is outstanding from the morning itself. With Single Screens is about to start within one hour or so, it will only go higher. There is a slow start in Nizam and CP Berar. But, former will surely catch it up once Single Screens start. In fact, all over India the Single Screens should turn it on from noon onwards. Central India market also had a huge growth compared to Saturday morning. Overall, it’s a very good start. Marjaavaan needs to continue the momentum in noon shows. Stay tuned. [11 am].

Marjaavaan Day 3 Collection, Live Sunday (Afternoon Shows) Box Office Update – Marjaavaan puts Single Screen Box Office on fire. We expected this two hours ago and it becomes true. Apart from Mumbai fully more or less all over India, Marjaavaan has above 50% occupancy in Single Screens during afternoon shows. After such a long time any Sidharth Malhotra’s movie has scored big in Single Screens. Whether it’s West Bengal, Nizam, Delhi NCR region or be it Bihar, Rajasthan or Central India everywhere Single Screens is above 50% or more. In Bihar, it’s matching Housefull 4 day after Diwali capacity. The surprise is Rajasthan market which was bogged down for the last two days but today it came off on its own. It’s third-best after Bihar and Nizam till now. Nizam is also excellent having more than 55% capacity. Overall, Marjaavaan is chasing a double-digit number for Sunday. But, it needs to hold well in the evening shows to confirm this number. Stay tuned. [3 pm].

Territory11 am3 pm8 pm
Delhi NCR30%42%35%
East Punjab22%26%17%
CP Berar17%25%15%
Central India21%25%15%
West Bengal16%31%23%
South India20%40%31%

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