Tanhaji 3rd Saturday 16th Day Box Office Collection

Live Tanhaji 3rd Saturday 16th Day Box Office Collection

Tanhaji 3rd Saturday 16th Day Box Office Collection, Live Morning/Noon Shows Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior started superbly on the Third Saturday morning. Mumbai, CP Berar and Nizam scoring double of yesterday. In fact, Pune City is going triple from yesterday. CP Berar is no way less compared to Mumbai. Both these territories started around 50% capacity. The competition with Panga and Street Dancer 3D is basically over.

Even Mysore too started over 30% capacity. The plus is North India. It doubles up the capacity from yesterday morning. Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior has already crossed 200 Crores net mark and 100 Crores Distributor Share. The movie is perfectly set to be BLOCKBUSTER. In Mumbai, it might challenge the figure of mighty Baahubali 2. With the new tax-free equation it looks more possible now. Even CP Berar too can go one extra level higher in terms of net collection. The day has just started and it will only go higher. There is a big Republic Day tomorrow so from evening onward we can witness a huge jump in mass belts too. Obviously, city plexes will score at a higher level that’s not the big factor.

Tanhaji 3rd Saturday 16th Day Box Office Collection, Live Afternoon, Evening & Night Shows Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior has a tremendous Third Saturday. Mumbai, CP Berar and Nizam are practically at superior level so we don’t want to say much on this. The surprise is the Delhi NCR region. The UP market has gone over 60% from the evening onward. Gujarat is one more big surprise. It scoring double of yesterday. May be evening before Republic Day pushed up this extraordinary growth. But still, a movie on it’s 15th day putting up over 50% capacity itself is a BLOCKBUSTER reading. The growth is phenomenal practically everywhere from yesterday. In short, Tanhaji has simply crashed Street Dancer 3D in all the territories except Bihar and partly in Nizam. No doubt left, that tomorrow Tanhaji will cash it on the occasion of Republic Day. The question is how big that will be. Night Shows already started. There had been controversy regarding the underreporting figure of Tanhaji. More than underreporting it’s the tax-free equation which not counted properly. Whatever be the reality, we will be completely surprised if Tanhaji doesn’t cross double digit figure today.

Territory12 pm3-6 pm8-9 pmDay 15 – 8 pm
Delhi NCR26%50%55%40%
East Punjab15%32%30%22%
CP Berar47%60%68%60%
Central India12%35%37%15%
West Bengal16%30%25%17%
South India36%56%58%45%
Territory (8/9 pm)TanhajiStreet Dancer 3D
Delhi NCR55%22%
East Punjab30%15%
CP Berar68%12%
Central India37%12%
West Bengal25%15%
South India58%45%

Live Box Office Trend : 13.03 Crores Gross