Tanhaji 3rd Monday 18th Day Box Office Collection

Live Tanhaji 3rd Monday 18th Day Box Office Collection

Tanhaji 3rd Monday 18th Day Box Office Collection, Live Morning & Noon Shows Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior is unstoppable. It started the Third Monday on a fantastic note again. Mumbai and CP Berar simply outstanding. There is no stopping in this territory. The movie is a huge BLOCKBUSTER. It will be stupidity to guess any lifetime number for the movie as there is no significant drop for the movie whatsoever.

There is one trade channel who were shamelessly saying it that UP is dull for Tanhaji. The reality is the UP market has scored over 60% yesterday. It puts a huge doubt on their capability. They are so shameless that first, they compare the movie with Kesari, then Bajirao Mastani. Both those movies figures have been crossed within two weeks. Now, they are predicting 260 Crores lifetime and the intention of language is very clear that they want Tanhaji to remain below Padmaavat. They also don’t aware of the fact that UP, Maharashtra and Haryana is Tax-Free. They give the final number after watching the producer figure. This is the trend for them in the last 17 days. They had no connection in interior though. So it’s baseless to talk about them further. Forget, UP and Haryana, the way it’s trending Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior will easily complete 100 Days in Maharashtra belt. So basically, 300 Crores or more is not a big deal right now. The main question is can it touch the 3 Crores footfalls or not. With Maharashtra is in no mood to stop it’s very much possible right now in the long run. Maybe after 8th or 10th week it can get close to that figure.

Tanhaji 3rd Monday 18th Day Box Office Collection, Live Evening & Night Shows Update – Tanhaji has gone crazy in Mumbai and CP Berar. There is no stopping whatsoever in these two territories. Generally, one can expect a drop after Republic Day (National Holiday) which is normal for every movie. But, this one is simply creating new parameters. Mumbai and CP Bear have again gone over 50% capacity. The rest of India is very much same as the Third Friday figure. Practically, there is no drop. Also, over 500 shows have been added so we won’t be surprised if the final number comes ahead of the Third Friday figure. There is an under-reporting issue circulating in social media from many people. We said this earlier that more than under-reporting it’s the Tax-Free equation which creating confusion. So, we have put up a * in the BOX OFFICE VERDICT section of Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior collection. Once, whole Territory report comes the thing will be clear. Tanhaji is already a BLOCKBUSTER. It’s difficult for us to guess any lifetime number since there is no sign of a drop in Maharashtra belt. One thing is certain Tanhaji will surely complete at least 75-100 days in the Mumbai belt even in a worst case scenario.

TERRITORY12-1 pm3-6 pm8 pm
Delhi NCR10%25%35%
East Punjab9%17%20%
CP Berar25%45%52%
Central India10%15%18%
West Bengal8%15%20%
South India12%30%44%