Tanhaji 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collection

Live Tanhaji 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collection, 13th Day Update

Tanhaji 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collection, Live 13th Day Morning Shows Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior started impressively on the Second Wednesday. Mumbai and CP Berar yet again started on a fantastic note. Both these regions now BLOCKBUSTER. CP Berar started better than yesterday morning. This territory might catch some records in the coming days. Today is the 13th day and the movie is yet to show a significant drop. This type of trend is very rare in Bollywood. The rest of India is pretty much in 10-15% capacity. Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior will cross 200 Crores net mark by tomorrow or Third Friday itself. There is a big holiday in the eastern part of India tomorrow in the form of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Birthday. This holiday can improve the collection in West Bengal and Bihar territory big way. There is also a possibility that from evening onward Kolkata plexes might pick up big again.

Tanhaji 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collection, Live 13th Day Afternoon Shows Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior as usual jumps high in Mumbai and CP Berar in the afternoon time. CP Berar is going higher than yesterday. Delhi NCR and Bihar double up the capacity. Nizam has around 35-38% occupancy. The rest of India in the range of around 20%. If we compare this with yesterday afternoon shows then there is a growth of 1-2% which is an extraordinary trend. There is a very good chance that Tanhaji might pick up big in the evening time at the Eastern part of India as tomorrow is a big holiday.

Tanhaji 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collection, Live 13th Day Evening & Night Shows Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior is on a song right now. After maintaining the momentum in the day time, Tanhaji yet again zooms up high on evening time. Mumbai and CP Berar as usual backs to 60% capacity with CP Berar is above than yesterday. Rajasthan and Central India have better hold as compared to other mass belts. There was an unnecessary hype is creating by some trade portals that Tanhaji is only doing well in Maharashtra and other regions were flop or average. This is not the case. In Central India, it’s behaving much more than HIT. A renowned multiplex Gayatri Ratlam (Central India) has a phenomenal number. In 1st Weekend it scores 3.01 Lacs and in 2nd Weekend it puts up 2.91 Lacs, which is not even a 10% drop. This is an unbelievable trend. The rest of India is on par with yesterday evening’s number. Overall, Tanhaji may breach 200 Crores net mark even before the 3rd Week start provided that big push comes from Kolkata High-End plexes tomorrow (Netaji Bose Birthday Holiday). Night Shows still left, the early trend suggests there is hardly a 1-2% drop from yesterday. It can go either way. [9 pm].

Territory12 pm3-6 pm8-9 pmDay 12 – 8/9 pm
Delhi NCR11%25%26%31%
East Punjab9%16%17%18%
CP Berar27%48%61%60%
Central India13%20%23%22%
West Bengal9%18%20%14%
South India15%32%35%40%

Live Box Office Trend : 9.50 Crores Gross

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