Bollywood Is Full Of Cowards

Kangana Ranaut’s Latest Bomb – Bollywood Is Full Of Cowards

Kangana Ranaut has been known for her impeccable statement from the beginning. In such a situation, when there is opposition to the Civil Amendment Act (CAA) from Bollywood to Road, why does Kangana’s name not come up. The voice of the slogan against the government started from Delhi also reached Bollywood. Where, from social media, Bollywood also appeared on the road of Mumbai. However, Kangana Ranaut has not said anything in this regard for a long time. She is busy shooting for Jayalalithaa’s biopic Thalaiva. But in the meantime when Kangana was questioned about the #ShameonBollywood trend for not speaking on CAA, there was an answer that became part of the news. Speaking to a media channel, Kangana said that artists should be ashamed of themselves. I have no doubt that Bollywood is full of cowards.

She further says that those who are lost in themselves. They see the mirror 20 times a day. When asked something about them, they say that we have electricity and everything we need. We are privileged why should we worry about the country. Kangana further says that some people argue. We should not worry about the country. We are artists. Some people keep themselves in the comfort zone and think that they are above the country and the people.

They are above everything. Because they have electricity, water and a beautiful house to live in. They are very forgetful. Because everyone is watching and knowing what is going on in the country. People are indifferent to him. I think this trend is absolutely right. In response to the question of whether celebrities are afraid of politicians, they said that in my view, he is the most scared person. They are afraid of everything. They are sneaky. Are cowardly. People without a spine. Make fun of outsiders. They make fun of girls. They are cowards.

Taunting, Kangana says that she has remained only for social media. Where makeup, clothing and gym photos are shared. It is clear what they are. We do not need to be disappointed by this. We should clearly understand who is the real role model? Now Kangana Ranaut’s latest comment Bollywood is full of cowards is making a big headline before her upcoming movie Panga which is slated to release on Republic Day Weekend.

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