Jessica Canseco Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Marriage, Playboy, Height & Weight Loss

Fans are aware of the successful American model Josie Canseco but very few of them know the full details of her parents. Today we will reveal her mother Jessica Canseco Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Boyfriend, Marriage, Playboy, Height, Weight Loss & More. You will be surprised to know that Jessica was more hot and glamorous than her daughter Josie at a young age.

Jessica Canseco Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Marriage, Height & Weight Loss

Who Is Jessica Canseco ?

Jessica Canseco is a renowned model and author. People know her better with two things. Firstly, she is the second wife of famous Baseball player Jose Canseco. Secondly, she is the author of a popular biography of her life. The name of that title is Juicy : Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife. Her nickname is Jessy.

How Old Is Jessica Canseco ? Jessica Canseco Age & Date of Birth

Jessica Canseco was born on 4th December 1972, in Ashland, Ohio, U.S.A. Currently, she is 50 years old.

Where Is Jessica Canseco From ?

Jessica Canseco is from Ashland, Ohio, United States of America.

Jessica Canseco Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Jessica is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Jessica Canseco Education

Jessica Canseco completed her school life at Hudson High School. She graduated from the Ohio University.

What Does Jessica Canseco Do For A Living ?

By profession, Jessica Canseco is a model and author. She trained as a waitress at Hooters in Clevland. Her autobiography Juicy : Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife was published in the year 2005. She also played a part in Hollywood. Her only movie was Gettin’ It (2006) where she played the character of Tiffany. Apart from that she also played many TV Series. She also appeared in the shows Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight to promote her autobiography.

Jessica Canseco Boyfriend, Marriage & Daughter

The relationship life of Jessica is not so good. She married Jose Canseco on 27th August 1996 and 3 years later she divorced him. In between, they have a daughter (Josie Canseco) who went on to become super popular in modeling history. On 23rd June 2007, Jessica married again, this time with  TV personality and plastic surgeon Garth Fisher. Again within 4 years, she divorced him too. In 2016, media channel E! Online premiered The Mother/Daughter experiment celebrity edition in which Jessica starred with her daughter, Josie Canseco, tried to improve their mother-daughter relationship.

Who Is Josie Canseco Mom ?

Jessica Canseco the former wife of Baseball player Jose Canseco is the mom of supermodel Josie Canseco.

Jessica Canseco Playboy

Jessica posed for Playboy and was the cover model of the September 2005 issue. She graced the cover in Oakland A’s attire. The pose was shot by a South African photographer Henrik Purienne.

Jessica Canseco Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Jessica Canseco is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her height is 1.65 meters approximately. She weighs around 55 Kg (121 Pounds). Her hair color is blonde with blue color eyes. She has a curvy body with measurements of 34-26-31 inches.

Jessica Canseco Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Jessica Canseco has lost 5 kg weight during the last month. She is doing regular exercises in the gym to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is all right.

Jessica Canseco Net Worth 2022

The estimated net worth of Jessica Canseco is around 5.66 Million US Dollars. Her autobiography doesn’t encash it to the most still the net worth will remain consistent in the upcoming days.

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