Jessica Blevins Net Worth 2023

We all know Twitch is one of the biggest video platforms in the United States. A lot of people become famous with this platform only. One of them is Jessica Goch Blevins. Today, we will reveal the estimated net worth of Jessica Blevins.

Jessica Blevins Net Worth 2023

Who Is Jessica Goch Blevins ?

Jessica Goch Blevins is a famous Twitch star. She is popularly known as the wife of Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins). She worked as a manager for her husband. 7 years ago she began streaming for gamers in Twitch.

How Old Is Jessica Blevins ? Jessica Goch Blevins Age & Date of Birth

Jessica was born on 23rd June 1992, in Wisconsin, United States. Currently, she is 31 years old.

Jessica Goch Blevins Education

Jessica graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Her childhood mostly lived in her hometown. She had a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Human Resources Management.

Jessica Goch Blevins Profession

During her college days, Jessica was doing a part-time job for gaming events. It was October 2014 when she started streaming on Twitch. By profession, she is the manager for her husband’s work. She is a gamer. She played online games like Minecraft. Interestingly in her Twitter DP, she described herself as Streamer for The Ghosties. She worked with various brands such as Crest, Trident, Sour Patch, Nordic Track, etc.

What Is Jessica Blevins Twitch ?

Jessica Blevins is very popular on twitch. She has over 450K Followers on this platform. Her latest stream Good Day Beautiful People has already been watched by over 5K people.

Is Jessica Blevins Related To Ninja ?

Yes, Jessica Blevins is very much related to Ninja. The term Ninja came into Richard Tyler Blevins life just because of her. She helped him to Internet stardom. She understands PR World and brand management. She is now the wife and manager of Ninja’s life and work.

Jessica Blevins Net Worth 2023

Jessica’s main source of income is from gaming and social media. Though she is the manager of her husband’s work. The estimated net worth of Jessica Blevins is around 3 Million US Dollars.

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