Who Is Luke Martin Married To ?

We all know YouTube is the biggest video platform in the whole world. Many people become famous with this platform. Today, we will talk about Luke Martin (a famous YouTuber). Fans do have a big query on one particular thing. Who is Luke Martin married to ? Well, we will discuss everything below in detail.

Who Is Luke Martin Married To ?

Before we tell you whether Luke Martin is married to Sabrina Davidson or not, first of all, let’s check below the complete Biography of Luke Martin.

Luke Martin Age & Date Of Birth

Luke Martin was born on 10th April 1994 in New Brunswick, Canada. Currently, his age is 29 years. From childhood itself, he had an enthusiasm on social media site Youtube. He is a famous YouTuber with over 1.50 Million subscribers.

Luke Martin Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Luke is a Christian by religion with Canadian Nationality. His ethnicity is mixed. He is of Kiwis/Australian descent.

Luke Martin Education

Luke Martin completed his Bachelor’s degree in English under the University of British Columbia.

Luke Martin Early Career

After completing graduation he started to teach English. He completed his bachelor’s degree in English from The University of British Columbia. From childhood itself, he had a tremendous passion for the subject of food. So he started the channel Chopstick Travel which is now become a food brand. All his videos on the Youtube channel become viral in no time. There are a few videos that have already gathered over 5 Million views such as Mongolian BBQ “Boodog” – CRAZY Nomadic Food in Mongolia, SUPER RARE Mongolian Food, KEBAB KING of TURKEY – ISTANBUL Street Food : World’s BIGGEST Döner Kebab, TURKISH STREET FOOD 2019 and many more.

Is Luke Martin Married To Sabrina Davidson

Luke Martin Profession

Now you know Luke is a famous YouTuber. His channel name is also Luke Martin. Their he reviews on foods and traveling. He is also the founder of the Chopstick Travel site. His food review videos were well appreciated by fans from different corners of the world such as Iceland and Japan (mainly).

Where Is Sabrina Davidson From ?

Sabrina Davidson is from New Brunswick, Canada. After completing the English teaching overseas at Saint John she joins Luke Martin and started the brand Chopstick Travel.

Luke Martin Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Luke Martin is around 5 Million US Dollars.

Luke Martin Height, Weight & Body Complexion

Luke is 5 feet 9 inches tall. His height is 1.72 meters. He weighs around 67 Kg (167.55 Pounds). His hair color is brown with hazel green color eyes. He has a body complexion of 37-32-13 (Chest-Waist-Biceps) inches.

Luke Martin Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Luke Martin has lost 1 kg weight during the last month. He is doing regular walking to remain fit and healthy. So far his health is all right.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Luke Martin Biography

  1. During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, he was approached by a promotional agency to feature food.
  2. Luke always takes Sabrina for a tour once every month.
  3. Luke Martin Youtube channel has now crossed over 254 Million Views all time.
  4. He and Sabrina will live and travel together from the income they generate with videos.
  5. The camera work for every video is done by none other than his former girlfriend Sabrina.

Who Is Luke Martin Married To ?

After graduation, both Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson started teaching English in Taiwan. After the success of the travel blog, they decided to start a YouTube channel. Luke was not interested. But, as the videos go viral the rest is history. Both, together come up with new videos in Chopstick Travel every week from all around the world. In February 2020, just before the Covid-lockdown both came to India to shoot their YouTube video. Both love South Indian and Rajasthani foods. Sabrina Davidson was the girlfriend of Luke Martin.

But, there was a rift between them. It was noticed during the videos of Luke Martin in the year 2021. When Sabrina was missing in every video of Luke. Fans anticipated that there might be a breakup coming up soon. Then comes the official confirmation from Sabrina, when she said, “As many of you noticed, I am no longer in the videos alongside Luke. Luke and I have ended our relationship, both personally and professionally, and are going our separate ways. I am happy, healthy, and safe back home in Canada.”

In reply, Luke said, “It is not easy for us to share this personal issue with you however at the same time it is our responsibility to let you know. I apologize that it has taken this long but I hope you can understand that it has been difficult to decide what the best thing to do for both of us was.”

Currently, Luke Martin is dating his new girlfriend, Mink. Both right now enjoying the City of Love, Paris. They regularly post videos of new foods along with some top pictures.

Who Is Luke Martin Married To

Interestingly, one fan named Aris Chinchilla commented, “Luke I’ve been following you for a couple of years your videos are very entertaining, and even though I miss Sabrina, I’m glad you look happy, hopefully she is too, because you both are such humble and amazing people.” On the other hand, Sabrina Davidson married recently an Indian guy. You can also check here who is Sabrina Davidson married to.

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