Who Is Roma Army Married To ? Is Chloe Sunderland Pregnant ?

Fans are enjoying the daily videos of the famous Tik Tok Star Roma Army. Most of her videos create controversy. Now one more query is surrounding among fans is Roma Army or Chloe Sunderland pregnant or not ? The big question is when she was married and how many kids did she have ? We will discuss everything today in the next few paragraphs.

Before we tell you about Chloe Sunderland’s pregnancy you first need to know her real name and her full biography details. Go through here for Chloe Sunderland’s (Roma Army) Biography.

Is Roma Army or Chloe Sunderland Pregnant ?

Fans are very much aware that Roma Army came up with videos against feminism. Being a lady and always talking against ladies is very rare. That’s why she is more famous among boys. We are not sure about the past relationship with Roma. What we know is that she had a relationship with a Jamaican. Her first daughter was born before 2020. Roma didn’t mention her date of birth but her name is Hosanna.

Roma didn’t mention Hosanna’s father. She revealed on social media that her estranged father is a Jamaican. For your kind information, Chloe is Romanian and Greek. One thing is clear Hosanna is an illegitimate child of Roma. Maybe her Jamaican ex-boyfriend cheated on her after pregnancy. Roma raises her daughter properly and passes down the hair cultural traditions to her. Roma loves her daughter Hosanna very much. She said her daughter taught her to love unconditionally and become her best friend.

As we said earlier Chloe Sunderland always shared her pregnancy report on social media. After the breakup with an unknown Jamaican boyfriend, she engaged with Callum. She gets pregnant again with her second child. Her second pregnancy journey came to us as a surprise and a bit confusing.  She announced this last year in August. She wrote a post, “Life can be unpredictable, and God always shows that he has a plan for the people and the best one can do work with what they have got.” As per the report, Roma’s second child passed away early. We don’t the reason for passing away.

Now, Chloe Sunderland (Roma Army) again announced herself as pregnant. She gave birth to a child on 23rd February 2022. This is probably the third time she becomes pregnant. This time with her boyfriend Callum. She came out with a video and express her feeling. As per her, she was in early labor and couldn’t wait for the baby to come out of her. Her boyfriend Callum (who is yet to marry Roma) has been a mental strength of Chloe. Roma mentioned that seeing him as a father was one of the most beautiful moments and is something she would not take away. Callum always treats himself as the father of Roma’s first daughter Hosanna. This also justifies Chloe Sunderland’s quote family of four. Both, Chloe Sunderland (Roma Army) and Callum along with two children living happily together.

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