Is Aaron Marino Married To Tracey Woodard ?

Nowadays social media influencer plays a big role in our society such as YouTubers, Tik Toker and Instagram influencers, etc. One of the famous personalities in this category is Aaron Marino. If you are still unaware of him, well today we will tell you elaborately about Aaron Marino Net Worth Age, Wiki, Biography, Height, and more. We will also reveal is Aaron Marino is married to Tracey Woodard or not.

Is Aaron Marino Married To Tracey Woodard ?

Who Is Aaron Marino ?

Aaron Marino is a YouTuber and serial entrepreneur. He is popular as Alpha M amongst his followers. He creates content on men’s fashion and uploads it on his YouTube channel, Alpha M. The videos on his YouTube channel have established him as a men’s fashion consultant.

What Age Is Alpha M ? Aaron Marino Age & Date of Birth

Aaron Marino was born on 19th May 1976, in Philadelphia, United States. Currently, he is 47 years old. He went through several cases of abuse and traumatic incidents as a child but eventually grew up as a strong man.

Aaron Marino Religion, Nationality & Ethnicity

By religion, Aaron Marino is a Christian. He is of Italian descent. He is having an American nationality.

Aaron Marino Education

There is not much information present regarding the education of Aaron Marino. Whatever we know he graduated from the University of Virginia.

Aaron Marino Profession & Career

As we said earlier Aaron Marino is a popular YouTuber and a serial entrepreneur. He owns several companies like Pete & Pedro and Enemy Eyewear. Most of the videos are extremely motivating. He spreads positive vibes through his videos.

Where Do Alpha M Live ?

Aaron Marino runs the increasingly popular YouTube channel, named Alpha M, where he posts weekly videos related to grooming and style advice. He is the founder of the Alpha M. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

What Is The Height of Alpha M ?

Aaron Marino, a style consultant, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur is 5 feet 6 inches tall. His height is exactly 1.68 meters. Aaron used to own a gym. After selling it, he worked as a personal image consultant in Atlanta, GA before starting his website and YouTube channel.

Social Media Presence

Apart from making YouTube videos, Aaron Marino is also quite active on other social media. He has a Facebook page with 25K followers which he updates regularly. His Instagram account is even more impressive, with close to 924K followers. In addition to this, his YouTube channel has already crossed 6.70 Million subscribers. His Twitter account has 31.9K Followers.

Aaron Marino Net Worth 2024

Aaron had gone through a challenging childhood as he faced his parents’ divorce. He has gone through many bad days to reach where he is today. During his entrepreneurial career beginning, he was struggling financially. He had a tough time staying afloat at that time. But, he stuck to his dream even through the challenging times. Despite all the financial odds, he persevered, and he has achieved his target today. The estimated net worth of Aaron Marino at the writing of this article is around 8 Million US Dollars. The figure will surely double in the coming days due to the super popularity of the Alpha M YouTube channel.

Who Is Aaron Marino Married To ?

Both Aaron Marino and Tracey Woodard’s dating stories have been interesting. The first gift Aaron gave Tracey was a pair of a flip flop. When he visited her house for the first time he brought that gift. They were in a dating relationship since 2002 and got married 5 years later in 2007. Yes, Aaron Marino married Tracey Woodard in the year 2007. They have been together for 20 years now and living an amazingly happy life.

Is Aaron Marino Married To Tracey Woodard

Aaron always protects her wife. He never shows his wife in his videos, giving her the privacy of her life. The reason, he says, is the negativity that comes on social media. He went through that a lot, and he did not want his lovely wife to go through the same. So, he keeps her information private. Due to this many female fans speculated that he is gay. But, that doesn’t hit Aaron by inches. Rather his wife becomes his motivational power. She stayed by his side, motivating and supporting him to pursue his dream.

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