If Total Dhamaal Had 10 Weeks Run At Cinemas Then Why Did MEDIA GAB Published 11th Week Collection?

Sohini Karmakar (Bengaluru City) : One Trade website published that Total Dhamaal ran for 10 Weeks at Theatres. But, Media GAB channel is showing 11 weeks collection of Total Dhamaal. I am getting confused as like many people. To which channel I should trust now?

Answer : Excellent question. You should trust on SRS Aditya Mall (Delhi NCR region) for Total Dhamaal 11th Week collection. Total Dhamaal gross collection on 11th Week is around 18,000-19,000/-. Media GAB channel reported that on the 11th week itself. The number can be higher also as Media GAB channel didn’t report any Single Screens update for that particular week. Even If I consider that there was no Single Screen where Total Dhamaal was shown still it was present in at least one multiplex chain on it’s 11th week. I personally tweeted and bring that matter in front of the audience.

But, it’s quite unfortunate for the public, that particular trade website doesn’t even bother to make the correction. Actually, it’s not their fault also. They have one peculiar rule and policy (They don’t count screen having 1 or 2 shows). This absurd policy how much they follow or maintain for every movie or selected actor’s movie that I will discuss any other day.

There were few people (mainly belongs to one/two fan base) who create fake id’s and supported that trade channel on aforementioned issue and give immature arguments that if 10-15 K collection not counted what big effect will cost Total Dhamaal? My answer to those fake people (who can’t post their name also on his/her own Twitter Id) is that it’s not the case how big effect will come on Total Dhamaal collection, rather it’s a matter of truth. The thing is numbers are small so the effect is less. But, if the number becomes a bit higher then the effect will also come bigger. The best case was Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil collection. 7 different channels put up seven different collections for one particular movie. The range starts from 86 Crores net to 130 Crores net (gap of 44 Crores). This is simply ridiculous. For example, If Virat Kohli scores 136 today then every media and web portals are bound to publish 136 only. Neither 135 or less nor 137 or more. The number will always be a number. You simply can’t alter that even by 1% also.

What worse is despite truth comes in front of the public for Total Dhamaal 11th week collection that particular trade channel not ready to accept their mistake. Still, they are brazenly publishing that Total Dhamaal has lasted for 10 weeks only. If you can’t rectify your own mistake (despite pointing it out) then you have no right to put a question mark on any Critics whatsoever. Now it’s up to the public how they will treat this. They made a huge blunder during Saaho 7th week and this is one more case where they should have rectified it.

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