How Much Does DrLupo Makes Per Year ?

Nowadays YouTubers play a big role in our society. One of the rising personalities in this category is DrLupo. If you are still unaware of him, well today we will tell you elaborately about DrLupo Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, and more. We will also reveal how much does DrLupo makes per year.

Who Is DrLupo ?

The real name of DrLupo is Benjamin Lupo. He is a rising YouTuber. He is also a Twitch Streamer. On Twitch he has close to 5 Million subscribers. Apart from this, he is also a Philanthropist.

DrLupo Age & Date of Birth

DrLupo was born on 20th March 1987, in Nebraska, USA. Currently, he is 35 years old.

DrLupo Profession & Career

DrLupo streams videos on gameplay. As we said earlier he has huge subscribers on both YouTube and Twitch platforms. His videos are mainly on charity matters. His charity campaigns also help many people.

DrLupo Net Worth 2022

The estimated net worth of DrLupo is around 3.18 Million US Dollars. His main source of income is from YouTube and Twitch.

Who is DrLupo Married To ?

DrLupo is married to a beautiful girl named Samantha. Both married in the year 2010. It’s been 11 long years. They are living a happy married life. His wife always supports him as a video content creator. Both DrLupo and Samantha have one son named Charlie.

DrLupo Parents

Famous Twitch Streamer DrLupo’s (Benjamin Lupo) parents are also supportive of him in his career. His father’s name is James Lupo and his mother’s name is Regina Lupo.

Social Media Presence

DrLupo is very popular on both Twitch and YouTube. As we said earlier, on Twitch he had close to 5 Million subscribers whereas on YouTube he has 1.75 million subscribers. No doubt this number will increase in the coming days.

How Much Does DrLupo Makes Per Year ?

DrLupo income is astonishing. As per the report, in the last 26 months, he was paid $1,894,615 by the Twitch platform for subscriptions, and advertisements on his streams. If we calculate on average DrLupo makes $8,42,051 per year. The estimated net worth from all sources is around 3.18 Million US Dollars.

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