Frida Sofia Guzman Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Marriage, Weight Loss & More

Recently we have seen a lot of new models in the Hollywood industry. What if bold and beauty come together ? Well, we have one hot lady who is equally bold and beautiful. She is none other than Frida Sofia Guzman. Today we will reveal Frida Sofia Guzman Net Worth, Biography, Wiki, Age, Relationship, Instagram, Weight Loss, & lots more.

Frida Sofia Guzman Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Marriage, Weight Loss & More

Who Is Frida Sofia Guzman ?

Frida Sofia Guzman is a model and social media influencer. She was born in the Guzman family and is always a talking point in the media channels. She is commonly known as Mexican musician Alejandra Guzman’s daughter. She is also a fitness instructor.

Frida Sofia Guzman Age & Date of Birth

Frida Sofia Guzman was born on 13th March 1992, in Mexico City, Mexico. Currently, she is 31 years old.

Frida Sofia Guzman Parents, Siblings & Family

Frida’s mother Alejandra Guzman is a musician whereas her father’s name is Pablo Moctezuma. She has two sisters named Natasha Moctezuma and Beatriz Moctezuma respectively. She has one brother whose name is Emiliano Moctezuma. Her grandmother’s name is Estela Moctezuma. Frida’s grandfather-in-law Enrique Guzman is a singer whereas her grandmother-in-law Silvia Pinal is an actress and politician.

Frida Sofia Guzman Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Frida is a Christian by religion with Mexican Nationality. Her ethnicity is white.

Frida Sofia Guzman Education

Frida graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design.

Frida Sofia Guzman Profession & Career

By profession, Frida is a supermodel. Her interest in Hollywood comes from the family itself. She posed for Playboy magazine. She grew up luxuriously. Her father is a businessman. From childhood itself, she is living with her mother. Her father separated after a short-term relationship. The father-daughter relationship was not up to the mark. She doesn’t like to talk about her father which is obvious as he didn’t pay anything for her daughter’s education.

Frida’s relationship with her mother was also worse in the last few years. After Covid 19 somewhat it adjusted. Alejandra was tested positive for Covid 19. Before that, her mother accused Frida of improper attitude. Since Covid 19 both understand their mistakes and confess publicly. “We didn’t have a lot to talk and that hurts us. But I missed her a lot,” Frida confessed in an interview. To that, Alejandra Guzmán replied, “I miss you too my girl. Soon I will travel to kiss you.” Both are living together now.

Frida Sofia Guzman Marriage & Divorce

Frida Sofia married to Luis Escamilla on 2015. Two years later both separated. Sofia claimed that her ex-husband had physically abused her. She didn’t want to fight about anything and simply end the marriage. But after sometimes she u-turned and changed her version. She corrected, “Like everyone other couples, we had our issues. But I cannot discuss it in public. My ex-husband Luis isn’t a bad man and I don’t harm now. We both loved each other but it couldn’t work.” According to Frida, she married at a young age which lead to this divorce. After divorce, she is leading a happy freedom life in full fledge.

Frida Sofia Guzman Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Frida is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Her height is 1.75 meters. She weighs around 63 Kg (138.89 Pounds). Her hair color is brown with brown eyes. She has a curvy body with measurements of 33-30-37 inches.

Frida Sofia Guzman Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Frida Sofia Guzman has gained 5 kg weight during the last month. She is doing occasional walking and workouts to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is all right with a slight obesity symptoms.

Frida Sofia Guzman Instagram

Frida is very popular on the Instagram platform. She has over 1.6 Million followers. Her each post gets viral in no time. She promotes sponsored videos on her Instagram account.

Who Is Alejandra Guzman Daughter ?

Supermodel of Miami Frida Sofia Guzman is the only daughter of Alejandra Guzman.

Who Is The Mother of Alejandra Guzman ?

Silvia Pinal is the mother of actress Alejandra Guzman. She is also the grandmother-in-law of Frida Sofia Guzman.

Frida Sofia Guzman Net Worth 2023

The estimated net worth of model  Frida Sofia Guzman is around 2.75 Million US Dollars. The figure will increase as she signed new brand endorsements. Plus she promotes sponsorship posts on social media Instagram.

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