Extraordinary Ticket Booking At AMC For Spider-Man No Way Home

It’s not so surprising that several theatre owners all over the World already registered record-breaking tickets sold for Spider-Man : No Way Home. But the latest news is much more furious. AMC Entertainment Holdings already sold over 7.05 Million tickets worldwide for Spider-Man No Way Home. There is an extraordinary ticket booking at AMC for Spider-Man No Way Home for the past few days.

Spider-Man No Way Home Ticket Booking Records

The US Box Office has gone gaga from the new installment of Spider-Man. With $253.20 Million in the domestic market and Worldwide over $334.2 Million are blistering numbers from Spider-Man No Way Home. For the first time in 3 years since Covid 19, pandemic US theatres saw 1 Million footfalls for consecutive four days during the weekend. The most shocking number was on Saturday when it breaks the most footfalls record set by AMC Theatres on Christmas day during 2019.

Not only the normal version even the PRIME, Dolby and IMAX also saw incredible numbers. PRIME theatres at AMC reported the biggest weekend ever. While Dolby Cinemas (2nd biggest weekend) and IMAX (4th biggest weekend) at AMC. We all know Hollywood movies always fire at Box Office during Christmas month and this time it’s not an exception. Spider-Man No Way Home already set up a record-breaking opening weekend which is also a much relief for Hollywood business after a dull last year due to Covid 19.

Spider-Man No Way Home Latest Box Office Update

IMAX Corporation also registers $36.2 Million on the opening weekend. With over 77 countries (excluding China) and approximately 834 screens, Spiderman-No Way Home set the momentum in a style. In North America, it grossed over $22 Million in the opening weekend from IMAX Screens itself. In Cinemark, it also set up the best opening Friday night of all time at US Box Office. Stay tuned for more Hollywood trending news.

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