NCIS Tony & Ziva – Full Starcast Announced Now

Die-hard followers of the CBS show NCIS will be delighted to learn that the beloved Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo will be making a return to their screens. And the exciting news doesn’t stop there – we now have the full cast lineup joining them.

According to Paramount+, the cast is as follows :-

Michael Weatherly as Tony

Cote de Pablo as Ziva

Isla Gie as Tali

Amita Suman as Claudette

Maximilian Osinski as Boris

Nassima Benchicou as Martine

Julian Ovenden as Jonah

Terence Maynard as Dr. Lang

Lara Rossi as Sophie

James D’Arcy as Henry

The latest casting update for NCIS : Tony & Ziva might just make it impossible for this epic NCIS reunion to happen. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are set to return to the small screen in a new spinoff series, NCIS : Tony & Ziva, alongside their grown-up daughter, Tali. This time, the adventure will take place across Europe and will be available for streaming on Paramount+ instead of CBS.

A reunion with their former MCRT colleagues may be delayed longer than expected.

Details about the plot of NCIS : Tony & Ziva are still limited at this time. However, it appears that production for the series has already begun, as indicated by Weatherly’s recent update. This aligns with the previous announcement that filming will commence on-location in July. Prior to this, both actors had made appearances on the main series, with DiNozzo showing up in NCIS season 21 for Ducky Mallard’s tribute. Additionally, the duo is currently hosting the Off Duty : An NCIS Rewatch podcast. Unfortunately, a reunion with their former MCRT colleagues may be delayed longer than expected.

Tony DiNozzo Only Main Cast From America

Given that production has likely commenced, it is reasonable to assume that the roles have already been assigned to actors. Although details about the actors are scarce at this point, the character descriptions highlight the European setting of NCIS : Tony & Ziva. De Pablo has expressed her strong desire for the show to take place in Europe in order to distinguish it from the original series. This decision not only makes sense for various reasons but also enables the spin-off to stand out from its predecessor. Among the main cast, Tony is the sole character who belongs from America.

It’s unclear whether Tony and Ziva will be operating solo or with backup in NCIS: Tony & Ziva. The details about their family life after reuniting with Tali are still a mystery, making it hard to envision their current dynamic. However, Weatherly has hinted that trust will play a significant role in the show, particularly as Tali comes to terms with her mother’s return.

It is possible that NCIS Tony and Ziva may consider seeking help from other well-known characters.

Having their own backup not only provides them with a sense of security, but also reduces their reliance on their former team. Tony and Ziva are undoubtedly skilled agents, but it’s clear that they would face a formidable adversary on their own. This adds to the intensity of the situation. It’s evident that they can’t handle it alone, especially while being on the run. This predicament may have pushed them to seek assistance from the likes of Tim McGee, Abby Sciuto, and even Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

By bringing back any of the characters mentioned, NCIS could have created the perfect opportunity for Tony and Ziva to reunite, breathing new life into the show’s beloved cast. With their strong connections to these individuals, it’s clear that they would go to great lengths to assist the duo in their time of need. Although DiNozzo’s return to the Navy Yard bullpen seemed like a promising setup, it appears that this scenario is no longer on the table. Now, with NCIS: Tony & Ziva forming their own mini team, calling upon the MCRT and other agency contacts will be reserved for only the most urgent situations.

It is important for the presence of McGee and other MCRT characters to continue in NCIS : Tony & Ziva.

The decision to cancel NCIS: Hawai’i has shifted the focus of the franchise towards revisiting beloved characters from the original series. While this may please fans of the earlier seasons, but it could also limit the potential for exciting crossovers. With NCIS: Origins exploring the past and NCIS: Tony & Ziva finding a new home on Paramount+, there is a unique opportunity for a fresh take on the series. Bringing in familiar faces to connect the shows can help maintain the link to the larger NCIS universe.

It’s essential to not only enhance the ever-expanding universe but also to witness Tony and Ziva reuniting on screen with their MCRT friends. Despite their individual returns to NCIS, they have yet to come together as a trio with McGee. Furthermore, Tony hasn’t even had a chance to interact with Gibbs again since Weatherly’s departure at the end of season 12. With no current plans for the entire group to reunite at Navy Yard, this presents CBS with the perfect opportunity to stage their highly anticipated reunion.

NCIS : Tony and Ziva could gradually reignite the thrill of their reunion by involving the MCRT in smaller, incremental steps.

Paramount+ and the creators of NCIS: Tony & Ziva may not be planning for a full team reunion in season 1, but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely given up on the idea. There’s still hope for smaller doses of the beloved team coming together, starting with involving MCRT in the new case.

Imagine the impact if the danger faced by Tony and Ziva in their spin-off poses a risk to global security. With their history working for Director Leon Vance, it’s plausible he would assist his former agents in unravelling the mystery. This connection could lead to McGee’s involvement in the case, paving the way for additional appearances by familiar NCIS characters in future seasons of NCIS: Tony & Ziva. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Does Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Want To Bring Back New Villain For NCIS : Tony & Ziva ?

A chilling turn of events could see the return of villain Ari Haswari to NCIS, as confirmed by Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly. Ari was first introduced in NCIS season 1, episode 16, Bête Noir, which remains one of the most beloved episodes in the show’s 21 seasons. Rudolf Martin’s portrayal of the rogue Mossad agent set the stage for a gripping story arc that put the original NCIS Major Case Response Team (MCRT) in jeopardy and ultimately led to the introduction of Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David. Does Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly want to bring back new villain for NCIS : Tony Ziva ? We will discuss everything below.

Ari Haswari brought fear to characters like Sasha Alexander’s Kate Todd throughout seasons 1 and 2 of NCIS. Tragically, Ari ended Kate’s life in the season 2 finale, paving the way for Cote de Pablo’s character to enter the show. This marked a significant turning point in NCIS history. Despite his menacing presence and the suffering he caused, Rudolf Martin’s character is remembered with affection on the Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch podcast, hosted by Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly. The actors are eager to see the central villain make a comeback in the series.

Does Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Want To Bring Back New Villain For NCIS : Tony & Ziva ?

In the third episode of Off Duty, Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly talk about important NCIS episodes featuring Tony and Ziva.

Actor Rudolf Martin, who played Ari Haswari, was a special guest. The hosts asked Martin to talk about Kill Ari Part II.

This double episode is crucial for several reasons, especially because it marks the shift from Caitlin Todd to Ziva David. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo both expressed their hope that Martin would come back to the show on the podcast.

After talking about Martin’s NCIS background, Cote de Pablo playfully proposed that Ari come back as a ghost. She mentioned, “I don’t know, I think something just opened up.”

Although light-hearted, it does indicate there could be a way for Martin’s character to make a comeback. Michael Weatherly chimed in by bringing up more “real world” possibilities, hinting that there might be a way to include Rudolf Martin among the living characters of NCIS : Tony and Ziva. Cote de Pablo concluded the interview with the thought, “There’s a little something that could be explored there.”

It May Be Challenging To Reintroduce Rudolf Martin’s Character Ari To The NCIS Spinoff.

Bringing back Rudolf Martin’s character to NCIS is nearly impossible due to his on-screen death at the hands of his half-sister, Ziva David, in season 3. While characters often return to the series after leaving or dying, it becomes more challenging to reintegrate them once their death has been depicted on-screen. This is the predicament for Rudolf Martin’s character, whose fatal gunshot wound was shown at the end of “Kill Ari.”

Nevertheless, the franchise has a feasible approach for resurrecting deceased NCIS characters in order for the living characters to confront their emotional pain.

Potential Characters Rudolf Martin Could Portray In NCIS: Tony & Ziva

There is a strong case for bringing back Rudolf Martin’s character to NCIS. We’ve seen Ari Haswari return to NCIS after his death in season 9, episode 14, Life Before His Eyes.

Ari’s appearance as a visualization of his former self to Gibbs in the diner during a near-death experience was a powerful moment. He even played chess with NCIS Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) while lurking around the diner, showcasing his elusive nature in the series.

The Tony & Ziva series could utilize Rudolf Martin in a similar manner. By having Ari appear to Ziva as a ghost or hallucination, it would provide her with the opportunity to come to terms with her decision to fatally shoot her brother.

Ziva, being a seasoned Mossad agent, had the option to wound him, but instead, she chose to shoot him in the head. Bringing Ari back could help Ziva find closure and reconcile with her past. The actors also hinted that Martin might even make an appearance as a living character in NCIS : Tony & Ziva.

Rudolf Martin’s return to NCIS would bring an electrifying energy to the show. His captivating presence as a villain made a lasting impression on the audience, and his reappearance would undoubtedly elevate the series to new heights.

Given Ari’s pivotal role in Ziva’s NCIS journey, it only makes sense for him to make a comeback alongside her. Including Ari in the Tony & Ziva spinoff would not only enrich Ziva’s character development but also pay homage to Rudolf Martin’s exceptional portrayal. Fans would undoubtedly relish the opportunity to see more of the talented actor in a new role.

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