Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Discloses New Facts On Upcoming NCIS – Tony & Ziva

At the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the stars of Paramount’s highly anticipated show NCIS – Tony & Ziva, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, revealed that the series will delve deep into the theme of trust. This action-packed show is part of the larger “NCIS” franchise, which is joyously celebrating the milestone of reaching 1,000 episodes. Meanwhile, Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly discloses new facts on upcoming NCIS – Tony & Ziva at Monte Carlo TV Festival.

The upcoming series, scheduled to be available for streaming on Paramount+, will delve into the lives of beloved “NCIS” characters Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. Following their departure from the agency, the story unfolds against the backdrop of Paris as the couple raises their daughter, Tali. However, their tranquil life is disrupted when Tony’s security firm becomes the target of an attack. This forces them to embark on a perilous journey across Europe, where they must untangle the web of threats and rekindle trust in one another to secure their unconventional happily ever after.

Throughout NCIS, Ziva’s apparent demise led Tony to exit the team and take on the responsibility of raising Tali. When Ziva was eventually revealed to be alive, how did this revelation impact her relationship with Tony and Tali ?

Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Discloses New Facts On Upcoming NCIS – Tony & Ziva

At a press event in Monte-Carlo, De Pablo joked that the show should be called “NCIS : Trust No One.”

According to Cote de Pablo, “I think the idea of trust, and the idea of how this relationship moves forward is something that was intriguing to us as actors. We’re trying to address the idea of trust and we’re trying to address how they move forward parenting together with this child and trying to make things work and having a lot of challenges thrown at them.”

Weatherly mentioned that it would be difficult for Tali to accept what happened with her mom.

According to Michael Weatherly, “When you think about Tali, who is really the third character in Tony & Ziva, the idea for her to think that her mother was dead, and then her mother is alive, but was running around the world and didn’t come home to protect her. Trust doesn’t mean truth, doesn’t mean honesty. Just because I’m telling you the truth doesn’t mean you can trust me. And I think that a lot of the relationships inside. I won’t give away anything. You have a daughter who’s going to question the story. No dad – you told me she was dead, and she just walked through the door.’ Yeah, but your mom had reasons, No, no, no. The facts are the facts.”

Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Discloses New Facts On Upcoming NCIS - Tony & Ziva

Actor Michael Weatherly also quoted, “And then what are your relationships like? Where do you stand with the truth? And who do you trust? I mean, these are like the core principles of the show.”

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly are set to take on the roles of executive producers on the show, marking their on-screen reunion after a decade. The premiere episode has been penned by John McNamara, acclaimed for his work on Trumbo and The Magicians, and he will also serve as the show runner and an executive producer. In addition to McNamara, the team of executive producers includes Laurie Lieser, Christina Strain, and Shelley Meals. Paramount Global Content Distribution will be handling the distribution of the series.

Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly Discloses New Facts On Upcoming NCIS - Tony & Ziva

The show, which has been given a 10-episode order, will be filmed in Europe later this year.

As per Michael Weatherly, “Tony and Ziva live in Paris, and we will be shooting in Budapest, because the Olympics are in Paris right now and that would be complicated. But the show will have a lot of international locations that we will reveal later, and international casting that is going to be absolutely stellar. We’re a part of that as executive producers.”

Filming abroad was always a top priority for the duo, even though they anticipated the studio’s preference for a U.S.-based setting, like Chicago.

As per Cote de Pablo, “At the beginning, I was very adamant about that, like, No, I’m not interested if that’s where they want to go. I really think the show should be taken out of the United States. It would separate us from the agency, and it would give us a chance to sort of reinvent it in a completely different way, from a different standpoint.”

Michael Weatherly mentioned that it took the studio some time to warm up to the idea. According to him, “It took some time to get them completely there because it is such a departure. It’s streaming. It’s not an evergreen procedural. It’s not structured the same way. Will the audience show up for that? Are we shooting out of our weight class here with a different kind of story? Is it not going to feel like the other show? All of those troubles. And John is not from the ‘NCIS’ universe. So we’re introducing a new voice. And I think those things that might a few years ago have been to our detriment became assets when people started really understanding streaming, and really understanding Paramount+ as a platform.”

He articulated that individuals who come across “Tony & Ziva” will subsequently have the opportunity to delve into the 1,000 episodes constituting the “NCIS” universe, encompassing the flagship series along with its spinoffs such as NCIS : Sydney, NCIS : Los Angeles, NCIS : Hawaii, and NCIS : New Orleans.

As per NCIS Leading Character Tony DiNozzo, “I think that we’re going to be bringing people into a world that might feel small, because it’s just Tony, Tali and Ziva. But it’s Europe. It’s love. It’s the universe. And we have to save those things.”

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