Commando 3 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Commando 3 3rd Day Box Office Collection, Live Sunday Update

Commando 3 3rd Day Box Office Collection, Live Sunday Update (Morning Shows) – Commando 3 had a good start on Sunday morning. The movie started well in mass pockets. Rajasthan is leading from the front. Smaller plexes were going over 30-35% occupancy. Central India also showing solid growth from yesterday. Currently, it registering in the region of 18-20% capacity. Delhi NCR having a capacity of around 19% or so. West Bengal and East Punjab are still on the lower side. But, PVR chains at East Punjab still had a decent capacity in the morning. Southern region has best start today as compared to the last two days. Overall, Commando 3 All India occupancy is over 15% which is almost double of yesterday morning capacity. The day has just started and Single Screens are about to begin. If Commando 3 performs there also then the movie can fight back. Despite, this big growth it will be tough for Commando 3 to maintain this growth percent whole throughout the day. As Sunday evening shows will surely be half of Saturday in all the multiplexes. It will be Single Screens performance today which is key for this movie now. [11 am].

Commando 3 3rd Day Box Office Collection, Live Sunday Update (Noon/Afternoon Shows) – Commando 3 continues the momentum in the afternoon shows. The growth is coming from everywhere with Bihar and Nizam is very strong right now. Bihar market is going over 35% capacity and Nizam is close to 40% or more. Even Gujarat also showed a big jump from the morning. Mumbai and Pune too had very good growth. Obviously, Sunday afternoon is the best time to score for any movie at Box Office especially which has action/mass/family audience appealing more. The growth is a bit less in Central markets in the afternoon shows. The movie can become a success if it can hold normally from here on. Overall, it’s 38-40% rise from yesterday. This is a very strong growth. But, there might be a fall in the evening so final growth percent may be a bit less. If Commando 3 holds this situation during the evening also then it will be an excellent result for the movie. [3 pm].

Commando 3 3rd Day Box Office Collection, Live Sunday Update (Evening Shows) – Commando 3 fights back at Box Office. The evening shows apart from East Punjab and Mysore is very much rock solid hold all over India. Yes, there is a drop at mass pockets such as Bihar, Central India and Rajasthan but that’s due to fall in Single Screens in the evening shows. West Bengal is a big surprise in the evening shows. Most of the Inox Chains at Kolkata registering around 30-35% capacity which is a bit more than afternoon time. Having said that, there was limited shows in the afternoon time in this particular territory. Nizam is, as usual, strong and occupying over 30-34% capacity. Gujarat, Delhi NCR and Mumbai hold well in the evening shows. Overall, the occupancy is very similar to yesterday evening. In fact, it’s up by around 5-7%. The early trend suggests Commando 3 had a solid 33-34% growth from Saturday. But, we are expecting there should be a drop at night shows and the final growth percentage may come slightly lower. [8 pm].

Territory11 am2/3 pm8 pm
Delhi NCR19%27%25%
East Punjab11%15%12%
CP Berar12%22%20%
Central India18%20%15%
West Bengal11%19%22%
South India17%31%25%

Box Office Collection : 7.85 Crores Net

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