What Are The Essential Requirements Of Arbitration Agreement ?

10 Essential Ingredients Of Arbitration Agreement

The definition of Arbitration Agreement as contained in Section 2(b) of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, is a reference to Section 7. Thus Section 2(b) doesn’t define Arbitration Agreement but refers the readers to look into Section 7. Clause 1 of Section 7 contains an exhaustive definition of Arbitration Agreement. The clause lays down that an … Read more

New Definition Of Arbitration Under Arbitration & Conciliation Act

New Definition Of Arbitration Under Arbitration & Conciliation Act

According to Section 2 (1) (a) new definition of Arbitration under Arbitration & Conciliation Act, means any arbitration whether or not administered by permanent arbitral institution. Law encourage parties, as far as possible, to settle their differences privately either by mutual concessions or by the meditation of a third person litigation is an evil, albeit … Read more

Writ Of Prohibition Meaning Full Definition With Examples

Writ Of Prohibition

One of the most confusing legal terms in administrative authority is Writ of Prohibition. Unlike Writ of Quo Warranto there is some sort of summary on the internet for this Writ but not in a proper way. Today probably for the first time in the web world you will get the absolute explanation on Writ … Read more

Writ Definition Elaborated With Examples & Case Laws

Writ Definition

People gets frustrated to find out the actual definition of Writ. Interestingly there is no proper definition of Writ in the internet yet. Today you will get the complete elaboration on definition of Writ with examples and case laws. Writ is a nothing but a form of written command in the name of a court … Read more

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