Carole Landis Body Measurements, Biography, Death & More

There were very few actresses in Hollywood who lives shortly but created havoc in the industry. One of the rarest actresses was Carole Landis. She was famous for her body measurements. Her real-life story is full of interesting facts and rarest of rare things. So today we will talk about Carole Landis Body Measurements, biography, age, death, net worth, and lots more.

Carole Landis Body Measurements, Biography, Death & More

Who Is Carole Landis ?

Carole Landis was an American actress and singer. She worked as a contract player for Twentieth Century-Fox in the 1940s. Her breakout role was as the female lead in the 1940 film One Million B.C. from United Artists. She was known as “The Ping Girl” and “The Chest” because of her curvy figure. Her real name is Frances Lillian Mary Ridste.

Carole Landis Date of Birth

Carole Landis was born on 1st January 1919, in Fairchild, Wisconsin, United States of America.

Carole Landis Parents & Siblings

Carole’s mom Clara was a Polish farmer’s daughter. Carole was the child of Clara’s second husband Charles Fenner. Charles left Clara in 1921. As a result, Carole’s mom married again a few months later to Alfred Ridste who was a drifting railroad mechanic. She was the youngest of five children that Clara has given birth to. Carole had four siblings namely Dorothy Ridste Ross, Lewis Ridste, Jerome Ridste, and Lawrence Ridste.

Carole Landis Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Carole was a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity was mixed. Her father was Norwegian/American and her mother was Polish. Overall, she is of Norwegian/American/Polish descent.

Carole Landis Education

Carole ran away from her education in the midway. She joined San Bernardino High School. But during class 9 she dropped out of school and joins the San Francisco nightclub as a Hula Dancer.

Carole Landis Profession & Career

By profession, Carole began her career as a hula dancer. She debuted in Hollywood with the movie The King and The Chorus Girl in 1937. She becomes popular with the role of Loana in One Million B.C (1940. Her last movie Brass Monkey released in the year 1948. She had been part of 54 Hollywood movies in her short career. This is a tremendous stat for any actress in Hollywood.

Who Was Carole Landis Married To ?

Carole’s relationship life was full of tragedy. As a girl, no one wants to have such bad luck in a short period of her relationship life.

Carole married Irving Wheeler at the age of 15 in 1934. Both tied the knot on 25th August 1934. Within three weeks of marriage, Carole quarreled with Irving. This quarrel leads to separation. They waited for 5 more years. In 1939, both divorced.

In the same year in June 1939, choreographer Busby Berkeley proposed Carole Landis. Within 6 months this relationship breaks up. Maybe Busby forced her physically. It’s very difficult for any girl after divorce directly went into a physical relationship with another guy.

On 4th July 1940, Carole married for the second time in her life. Her new husband was Willis Hunt Jr. who is a yacht broker. Within two months of marriage both separated and divorced in November. It was pathetic and strange why Carole’s life is getting so many breakups.

2 years later in 1942, Carole toured Army Camps in London. There she met Captain Thomas Wallace who was in the United States Army Force. In the very next year, both tied the knot in January 1943. It was Carole’s third marriage. As her love life went smoothly for the next two years again curtain came. In 1945, both separated, and in July 1945 they divorce each other. The media was making fun of Carole. As some channels treat her as a mean girl. Her character now was in question. Even people started to stalk her.

To overcome this Carole was forced to marry Broadway producer W.Horace Schmidlapp on the same year on 8th December 1945. It was Carole’s 4th marriage. We don’t remember if any actress has four marriages in such a short period. History repeats. Carole not only separated from Horace in 1947 but also filed for divorce in May 1948. She also charged him with extreme mental cruelty. It was clear Horace married Carole just to have physical fun.

After this incident, she was again in a relationship with actor Rex Harrison. But that romance remains pending for a lifetime. Everyone was thinking about what was wrong with Carole that she was rejected so many times by her husband. She married four times and had several physical love. Still no kid. It was revealed that she was unable to conceive due to Endometriosis disease.

Now you got clear why Carole’s ex-husbands divorced her. This was the reason which was kept secret for a long time.

Carole Landis Death

After divorcing her fourth ex-husband Horace, Carole started dating actor Rex Harrison. But, Rex was already married to actress Lilli Parmer. Carole forced Rex to divorce Lilli. But, Rex refused this request. It was the last night for Carole when she had dinner with Rex. After refusal, she got a big setback. Finally, the big tragedy comes. On 5th July 1948, Carole Landis committed suicide in her Pacific Palisades home. She took an overdose of Seconal.

Carole Landis Body Measurements

Carole was famous for her body measurements. She was so hot that every producer took her in their movies from 1937 to 1938. Her beautiful pictures were viral on media houses as there was no internet at that time. Carole was 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her height was 1.68 meters. She weighs around 50 Kg (110.23 Pounds). She had blonde hair with blue/black eyes. She had a slim body with measurements of 37-24-33 inches.

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