Betsy Arakawa Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Weight Loss & More

Fans are very much aware of famous American retired actor and novelist Gene Hackman. But they are unaware of his second wife Betsy Arakawa. Today, we will reveal detailed biography of Betsy Arakawa. We will also elaborate on her wiki, age, husband, net worth, body measurements detail, weight loss, and much more.

Betsy Arakawa Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Weight Loss & More

Who Is Betsy Arakawa ?

Betsy Arakawa is a businesswoman. She is a classical pianist. People know her as Gene Hackman’s second wife. She becomes popular after marrying Gene. Since then she started working part-time in a fitness center.

How Old Is Betsy Arakawa ? Betsy Arakawa Age & Date of Birth

Betsy Arakawa was born on 1st December 1961, in Hawaii, United States of America. Currently, she is 61 years old.

Betsy Arakawa Business & Profession

As we said earlier by profession Betsy Arakawa is a businesswoman. She is a professional pianist. Right now she is also doing a part-time job in a fitness center.

Betsy Arakawa Finance & Net Worth 2023

The estimated net worth of Gene Hackman’s wife Betsy Arakawa is around 2.25 Million US Dollars till March 2023. The figure may not increase in the upcoming days since she is happy with her husband’s income.

Betsy Arakawa Married Life & Children

Betsy Arakawa married Gene Hackman on 1st December  1991. They started dating in 1984. That time Gene was married. He falls into an extramarital relationship with Betsy and eventually, he divorced his first wife and Betsy became his second wife. Unfortunately, Betsy has no children of her own. But, Gene’s first wife Fay Maltese has three children. One son (Christopher Allen Hackman) and two daughters (Elizabeth Jean Hackman & Leslie Anne Hackman). Christopher is the elder of all. Betsy is the stepmother of these three children.

Betsy Arakawa Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Betsy is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her height is 1.65 meters. She weighs around 49 Kg (108.02 Pounds). Her hair color is black with blue color eyes. She has a slim body with measurements of 31-24-29 inches.

Who Is Gene Hackman Married To ?

Gene Hackman married Fay Maltese in the year 1956. After 30 years of happily married life, both gets divorced in the year 1986. 5 years later Gene married Betsy Arakawa in the year 1991. Since then both are living jointly.

What Happened To Gene Hackman’s First Wife ?

Gene Hackman’s first wife is Fay Maltese. Both were living a happily married life as they have three children (one son and two daughters). But, Gene’s extramarital relationship with Betsy Arakawa leads to a quarrel with Fay. As a result in the year, 1986 both Gene and Fay get divorced and living separately.

Betsy Arakawa Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Betsy Arakawa has lost 4 kg weight during the last month. She is doing occasional exercise to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is a concern. She is suffering from high diabetes.

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