Bea Benaderet Biography, Movies, Spouse, Cause of Death & More

Fans still remember the character Blanche Morton in the TV Series the George Burns Show. It was played by actress Late Bea Benaderet. Today we will talk about Bea Benaderet Married, Biography, net worth, spouse, cause of death, and lots more.

Bea Benaderet Biography, Movies, Spouse, Cause of Death & More

Who Was Bea Benaderet ?

Bea Benaderet was an American actress and comedian. Born in New York City and raised in San Francisco, she began performing in Bay Area theatre and radio before embarking on a Hollywood career that spanned over three decades. Her real name is Beatrice Benaderet.

Bea Benaderet Date of Birth

Bea Benaderet was born on 4th April 1906, in New York, New York City, United States.

Bea Benaderet Parents

Bea’s father’s name is Samuel Benaderet whereas her mother’s name is Margaret O’Keefe Benaderet.

Bea Benaderet Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Bea was a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity was Irish/American/Turkish Sephardic Emigrant.

Bea Benaderet Education

Bea attended St. Rose Academy High School and began her courses in acting at the Reginald Travis School of Acting in San Francisco.

Bea Benaderet Profession & Career

Bea debuted in Hollywood with the short movie Cross Country Detours in 1940. Her Television debut came 9 years later in 1949 with the TV series Oboler Comedy Theatre. She becomes popular with the role of Blanche Morton in the TV Series The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. Her last TV Series Petticoat Junction released in 1963-1968. She was been part of 138 Hollywood flicks including TV Series to date.

Bea Benaderet Net Worth

Bea was in the Hollywood industry from 1940-1990. The estimated net worth of Bea Benaderet was around 18 Million US Dollars at the time of her death.

Who Was Bea Benaderet Married To ?

Bea Benaderet married Jim Bannon on 16th July 1938. After living together for 12 long years both gets divorced in 1950. In between, she blessed up with two children Maggie Bannon & Jack Bannon respectively. Bea Benaderet remarried on 22nd June 1958 to Gene Twombly.

Bea Benaderet Death

Bea Benaderet died on 13th October 1968 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Bea Benaderet Cause of Death

Bea Benaderet died on 13th October 1968, due to lung cancer and pneumonia. She was entombed in Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in North Hollywood.

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