Aurora Mardiganian Biography, Age, Wedding, Death & More

There were many actresses in Hollywood but few of them are an author. Today we will talk about one old actress in Hollywood who was no more present but she excels in her work and is equally beautiful. She was none other than Aurora Mardiganian. Let’s check below Aurora Mardiganian Biography, age, relationship, death & lots more.

Aurora Mardiganian Biography, Age, Wedding, Death & More

Who Is Aurora Mardiganian ?

Aurora Mardiganian was an Armenian-American author, actress, and survivor of the Armenian genocide. She witnessed the deaths of her family members and was forced to march over 2,300 km, during which she was kidnapped and sold into the slave markets of Anatolia.

Aurora Mardiganian Date of Birth

Aurora Mardiganian was born on 12th January 1901, in Harput, Ottoman Empire, Armenia.

Aurora Mardiganian Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Aurora was a Christian by religion with Armenian Nationality. Her ethnicity is mixed. She was of Armenian/American descent.

Aurora Mardiganian Profession & Career

Aurora was approached by a young screenwriter Harvey Gates who helped her write and publish a narrative titled Ravished Armenia. Her only Hollywood work was Auction of Souls released on 16th February 1919. She recalled young Armenian girls being crucified by their Ottoman tormentors. She was referred to in the press as the Joan of Arc of Armenia. She describes her role as the spokesperson for the victims of the horrors that were then taking place in Turkey.

Aurora Mardiganian Wedding, Husband & Son

Aurora Mardiganian married Martin Hovanian who was an owner of Beauty Saloon in 1929. Both lived in Los Angeles. They have one son named Sedal.

Aurora Mardiganian Death

Aurora Mardiganian died on 5th February 1994 at age 92. There was no one to claim her body. Her body remains were buried in an unmarked grave.

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