Alina Brace Net Worth, Biography, Age, Parents, Box Office, Weight Loss & More

Fans very much remember the child character of Younger Natalie Fabelman from the movie The Fabelmans. It was played by child actress Alina Brace. Let’s check below Alina Brace Net Worth, Biography, age, parents, Box Office, weight loss, and lots more.

Alina Brace Net Worth, Biography, Age, Parents, Box Office, Weight Loss & More

Who Is Alina Brace ?

Alina Brace is an American child actress who is known for her role in The Fabelmans (2022), Sweet Magnolias (2020), and Popular Theory.

Alina Brace Age & Date of Birth

Alina Brace was born on 19th November 2015, in Los Angeles, United States. Currently, she is 7 years old.

Alina Brace Parents

Alina Brace’s mother’s name is Elena Brace whereas her father’s name is still unknown.

Alina Brace Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Alina Brace is a Christian by religion with American Nationality. Her ethnicity is White.

Alina Brace Profession & Career

Alina Brace debuted in Hollywood with the movie The Fabelmans in 2022. Her television debut came the same year with the TV Series Sweet Magnolias in 2022. She becomes popular with the role of Young Natalie Fabelman in the movie The Fabelmans in 2022. Her last movie The Fabelmans released in 2022. So far she has been part of 3 Hollywood flicks including TV Series to date.

Alina Brace Height & Weight

Alina Brace is 4 feet 2 inches tall. Her height is 1.27 meters. She weighs around 35 Kg (77 Pounds). Her hair color is brown with hazel eyes.

Alina Brace Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

Alina Brace has gained 3 kg weight during the last month. She is doing routine Yoga and exercises to remain fit and healthy. So far her health is perfectly all right.

Alina Brace Box Office Collection

Alina Brace’s latest movie The Fabelmans collected 2.08 Million US Dollars after the end of the 8th Week at the International Box Office.

Alina Brace Net Worth 2023

Alina is in the Hollywood industry for the last 8 months or more. Her last movie The Fabelmans collected $17,348,945 at the US Box Office. The estimated net worth of Alina Brace is around 75K US Dollars till October 2023. The figure should increase as her upcoming movie Popular Theory is under post-production.

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