Adrienne Bosh Net Worth 2023

Fans are very much aware of former Basketball player Chris Bosh. But very few knew about his wife who is a model and actress. So, today we will talk about Adrienne Bosh and her estimated net worth.

Adrienne Bosh Net Worth 2023

Who Is Adrienne Bosh ?

Adrienne Bosh is an American model, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and wife of a former basketball player, Chris Bosh. Despite being an actress, people know her better as Chris Bosh’s wife. Her real name is Adrienne Nicole Williams.

Adrienne Bosh Age & Date of Birth

Adrienne Bosh was born on 17th April 1985, in Vevay, Indiana, United States. Currently, she is 38 years old.

Adrienne Bosh Profession & Career

It was at the age of 17 when Adrienne came to Los Angeles for becoming a model and actress. After graduation, she started concentrating on a modeling career. She has done so many photoshoots, advertisements, theatre, TV series, and music videos in Hollywood. Few of her popular Hollywood flicks we mentioned in the beginning. She also worked in Gymnastics. Right now she is more involved in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She is also the owner of an online boutique store, Sparkle and Shine, which sells sparkly gift products worldwide.

Adrienne Bosh Wedding

Adrienne is married to Chris Bosh (former NBA player) in 2011. The couple tied the knot at a resort in Miami, Florida. More than 350 guests were present at the wedding. Some big celebrities such as Serena Williams, Juwan Howard, Dwayne Wade, and many more. As per one media channel, they spent around 300,000 US Dollars on their wedding ceremony.

Adrienne Bosh Finance & Net Worth 2023

Adrienne doesn’t have much work in Hollywood. Her main success came in modeling, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Apart from that, she earns from Instagram too where she has over half a million followers. The estimated net worth of Adrienne Bosh is around 3.25 Million US Dollars till February 2023. You can also check here the real net worth of her husband Chris Bosh.

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