A Ten Minutes Guided Meditation to Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind guided meditation for ten minutes begins by sitting in a comfortable position, spine tall and straight shoulders rolled back slightly to open up your heart and let your palms rest in your lap facing downwards. Softly close your eyes. Let all of your awareness enter in on your breath. Notice how your breath feels as it enters and exits your body. Become curious about your breath, noticing what muscles you engage while you breathe thinking about all behind-the-scenes things that occur for you without you even having to think about it.

Your breath is always serving you, always working on your behalf. So you tune into it now I’m watching it observing it gently as it flows in and out. On your next inhale become more intentional with your breath letting your stomach expand as you breathe in and contract as you breathe out with your inhales equaling the length of your exhales at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Perhaps even slowing the breath down just a little bit letting all of your awareness rest right here on your breath.

Throughout the course of this ten minutes guided meditation to clear your mind, if you find your mind wandering that’s perfectly okay. One of the greatest ways to clear your mind is to focus on your breath letting your thoughts come and go without getting attached to them. If a thought emerges simply let it arise and return all of your awareness to the way your breath feels and flows making sure your inhales are equal to the length of your exhales. Doing this by feeling the length not necessarily by counting. Although you can if you’d like continually returning all of your awareness to your breath.

Any thought that might pop up is okay there’s nothing wrong. If thoughts come and go you simply make the choice not to pursue them, not to become hung up on them. You allow them to just drift off because you are focused on your breath. The longer you sit in stillness while continually returning your awareness to your breath the clearer your mind becomes.

There is nothing more you need to do except continually allow your awareness to return to your breath. You may start to notice your body feeling heavier or lighter. Just allow whatever you experience and continually return your awareness to your breath. The more clear your mind becomes the more possible it is and that you start to think to yourself. Wow, my mind is clear. Since this too is thought just let it pass and return your focus to your breathing. That is your only job for the next several minutes and over time you will feel your mind clear.

Let yourself continue this process for as long as you’d like. When you are ready to come out begin by rolling your shoulders, wiggling your fingers and your toes saying thank you out loud or in your mind for this peace that you have generated. As it feels right to you taking all the time, you need gently open your eyes and make sure you allow yourself to stay calm. Still for just a little longer as you re-integrate into your surroundings. For other advantages of meditation you can check here.

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