6 Interesting Facts About Cote De Pablo’s Iconic Character Ziva David

In a long-running show like NCIS, characters have come and gone since its 2003 premiere. Cote de Pablo’s character Ziva David, a popular addition in season three, left the show but returned in Season 16, leaving fans eager for answers. Let’s check out what fans still have questions relating to Ziva David’s character. So today we will try to evaluate you 6 interesting facts about Cote de Pablo’s Iconic character Ziva David.

6 Interesting Facts About Cote De Pablo’s Iconic Character Ziva David

1) Did You Know ? Ziva David was not an original character when the show started in 2003, but after her debut in 2005, she became a vital part of the NCIS Series for several years. Ziva, an Israeli-born agent, quickly became an essential intermediary for NCIS after her introduction. Over the span of eight years, she played a pivotal role in cracking some of NCIS’s most high-profile cases, winning over the hearts of fans along the way.

2) You will be surprised to know that Ziva experienced the loss of her sister in a tragic Hamas bombing when she was just a child. With a father who was a Mossad director, Ziva eventually became involved in special operations. From carrying out assassinations to unraveling elaborate terrorist plots, Ziva became a formidable force. However, her work also presented her with moral dilemmas that she had to navigate.

3) Ziva experienced intense events, which drove her to become a force for good. She worked with NCIS for several years, developing a significant relationship with Tony Di Nozzo. They had a daughter before she left.

4) Ziva’s unusual background and upbringing gave her a unique advantage that the others couldn’t understand. The character narrowly escaped death, resolved international crises, and eventually became part of the NCIS team. However, in 2013, she announced her departure from the show, and her character was subsequently killed off. Surprisingly, seven years later, the beloved character made a surprise return at the end of season 16, despite the show still being on the air.

5) Fans were thrilled when Ziva returned briefly, feeling as though an old friend had come back. The return was kept a secret, even from the actress herself, but after a two-episode arc in season 17, fans were delighted to see her reunited with the rest of the original cast.

6) Ziva had actually faked her death to protect her family. Now that she’s back in action, she’s determined to settle unfinished business and take down those who threatened her loved ones. But after everything was sorted out, fans were left craving more. They were eager to find out what happened to Ziva and Tony, who departed from the show in 2015.

Several questions remain unanswered in Season 18 of NCIS regarding Ziva’s return. We’ve addressed some of them below.

1) Did Ziva meet her daughter after the threat to her life was removed ?

2) How serious was her relationship with Tony? They had a child together, but were they in a secret relationship throughout the seasons ?

3) Have Tony and Ziva met outside of the screen? What is their dynamic ?

4) How are they raising their daughter ?

5) Did Tony and Ziva rekindle their relationship or Tony remain single ?

6) Consider the aftermath of their actions post-NCIS and its impact on their future. Will they need to live in hiding, or can they build a stable life to raise their daughter ?

NCIS constantly leaves loose ends, but now a significant reunion promises closure for fans eager to see one of their favorite characters back for good. Let’s hope for Ziva’s full-time return !

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