Why Sara Ali Khan & Amrita Singh Gone Together To Police Station

Why Sara Ali Khan & Amrita Singh Gone Together To Police Station?

Sara Ali Khan, who debuted in Bollywood with Kedarnath, is very much in the news nowadays. People are crazy about her beauty. Sara has impressed everyone with her behavior, but Sara Ali Khan and her family have been in trouble. On Saturday evening, Sara Ali Khan and her mother Amrita Singh have complained to the Dehradun police.

Sara Ali Khan and his mother Amrita Singh complained to the police and said, ‘Their maternal uncle’s land in Dehradun has millions of rupees. This property has the look of the land mafia. They can capture it.” Amrita Singh’s maternal uncle Madhusudan Bimbette died on Saturday only. He was suffering from cancer. Amrita had come to Dehradun hear the news of Mama’s death.

Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan in Dehradun had joined her funeral. After that, both of them reached the police station in the evening and gave a written complaint to the police. In her complaint, Amrita Singh told the police that her maternal uncle Madhusudan Bimbette lived alone. Amrita Singh asks the police that till the other people of her family do not reach here, the police will protect her property.

After the demise of Amrita Singh’s Maternal Uncle Madhusudan, there is no heir other than aunt of her crores property. Amrita Singh’s maternal uncle has four acres of land on which the land mafia has a look. Amrita Singh has told the police that after going to Mumbai, no one should take possession of her property, so they have come to the police.