Ruby Rose Supports Deepika Padukone

When Ruby Rose Supports Deepika Padukone

When Ruby Rose Supports Deepika Padukone – We all know Hollywood actress Ruby Rose made several tweets favoring Deepika Padukone over the Padmaavat controversy. Ruby wrote, “I am shocked to know what my friend is going through. But she is very strong and powerful. Deepika, you are one of the most powerful women in the world”. Rose has starred in the Hollywood film Triple X : Return of Gender Cage alongside Deepika Padukone.

The film Padmaavat was being opposed across the country before it’s release. The film ‘Padmaavat’, which is about the story of valor of the dynasty and the queen, had faced heavy opposition. Even the descendants of Rani Padmaavati have questioned the intention of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

We also know how people of Rajput society took to the streets to demand a ban on Padmaavat film. People of the society demonstrated against film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and set his effigy on fire. Also warned of sabotage and arson in theaters showing the film.

State President of All India Kshatriya Mahasabha, who is leading the protest, Uday Singh Pundir said that the Padmaavat film has been made to hurt the dignity of Rajput society but it will not be tolerated. He warned the film distributors and cinema operators of the state not to screen the film unless the Rajput society objected to any scene. Though later it was resolved and it released almost every part of the country.

Ruby Rose Supports Deepika Padukone

The youth president of Kshatriya Samaj, Arvind Rajput, said that the film is based on the Empress Padmaavati of Chittorgarh. It has tried to distort the facts. This effort is not only an attack on the honor of the Hindu society but also of the Rajputana self-respect and is an act to distort Hindu culture. State Organization Minister Pradeep Chauhan said that he would not tolerate the insult of ancestors through the film. This was not the only instance when Ruby Rose supports Deepika Padukone. She also supported her during the sets of Triple X : Return Of Gender Cage.