Eric Means With Pride In NCIS Los Angeles

What Does Eric Means With Pride In NCIS Los Angeles ?

Season 11 of NCIS Los Angeles was completed two weeks earlier due to the Chinese virus pandemic. With over three months had gone still no confirmation of the date for Season 12. In this scenario fans getting restless in the period of lockdown. It’s obvious when you loved a show too much and suddenly gets no update then you will suppose to become restless. Meanwhile, one important character of NCIS Los Angeles has said something at this time. It’s the handsome Eric Beale. The character Eric Beale played by actor Barrett Foa. He explained one crucial word which is required for everyone right now in this crisis time. Team CBS asked NCIS Los Angeles hero Eric about the word pride. Below, you will see the full video where Eric says how proud he is and what does the word pride means to him not only in the NCIS Los Angeles but also as a whole in general.

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