Deepti Naval Accused Of Running Illegal Rackets

Was Deepti Naval Accused Of Running Illegal Rackets?

Deepti Naval celebrated her birthday on the 3rd February. In her three-decade-long career, Deepti Naval gave many such films which are still memorable. Among them are Chashme Baddoor, Ek Baar Phir, and many other films like Ankahee, Leela and Firaaq are included. In addition to this films, Brilliance is also known for her absurd style. The name of Deepti Naval is also being associated with actor Farooq Sheikh. Deepti was confronted by controversy when she was giving interviews with Chashme Baddoor actor. The people of the society asked to stop all this while expressing the objection.

Deepti Naval Relationship

The next day, it was reported in the newspapers that she runs illegal rackets. She also talked about taking action against the media at that time. At that time, when she had become the first choice of every producer-director, she was not doing good in her personal life. It may be said that even after reaching the peak of success, Deepti Naval was still living a desperate life. She married director Prakash Jha but after 17 years, her marriage broke up and the two got divorced. She had one adopted daughter but after the divorce, loneliness engulfed Deepti. The lack of a company made her life unbearable. Soon after in her life Vinod Pandit (son of noted classical singer Pandit Jasraj) came.

Deepti was very happy at that time. Thinking that everything is going to be good again. However, the engagement of Deepti Naval and Vinod Pandit also came to an end and the process of deciding the date of marriage started. Perhaps something else was approved for luck. Dipti and Ashok’s marriage were decided on one side.

On the other hand, Vinod Pandit had already passed before marriage. He was a cancer patient. After the passing of Vinod Pandit, Dipti was shocked again in her life. After facin defeat in love, she was broken. Deepti did not marry again after the death of Vinod Pandit and made movies for her life.

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