Unchecked Top Pictures Of Mercedes Mason

Unchecked Top Pictures Of Mercedes Mason

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD is a US horror drama television series. It was created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. One of the important characters in this series was Ofelia Salazar played by actress Mercedes Mason. She was fearless in the series dealing with Zombies. But, you will be surprised to know that she also gets afraid in real life. We will also show you some unchecked top pictures of Mercedes Mason.

There are two times when Mercedes Mason gets afraid in real life.

1) Being Pregnant

Mercedes Mason tells her own story of pregnancy. According to her, “That was terrifying when I got that little stick. I think I peed on about there because I wouldn’t. I couldn’t convince myself, you know I just unwrapped the branches on anything. I was just hoping somebody was helping. You bring it to everything you try. Yes, there were two blue lines everywhere. All my breeches everything. Luckily funny mommy hormones kick in. So now I’m super excited about it.”

2) Spiders and Cockroaches

Mercedes Mason had a tough time with these two insects’ spiders and cockroaches. She hares one embarrassing experience in the following words, “The other fear is spiders and cockroaches chocolate which I was on a film once. The director as we had shot three weeks already decided to come up to me and say by the way your co-stars today are ten hissing Ecuadorian cockroaches. They’re about the size of a small child, a fetus and they’re gonna be crawling on you. No big deal so I immediately broke into panic peed on branches. Apparently, that’s my go-to you do a lot of peeing don’t like that and then I think when he saw that I was like passing out. When I actually met my co-stars that’s when he realized it’s a phobia and they had to put them in the post now that’s in my contract no spiders no.”

Below you catch few unchecked top pictures of Mercedes Mason.

Unchecked Top Pictures Of Mercedes Mason