Alexandra Daddario Becomes Angry

To Whom Alexandra Daddario Becomes Angry ?

Due to Pandemic for the last four months or so it becomes mandatory for everyone to wear masks while going outside. But many peoples around the World were not following this, as a result, close to 1.65 Crores people already affected due to this virus. Meanwhile American actress Alexandra Daddario becomes angry with those people who were not following this rule of lockdown.

She burst out in social media in the following words, “What’s up friends ? Why don’t you follow the rules ? Why are you going to parties and functions when there is a crisis time ? Even I also dying for the parties but still looking a the condition I remain at home. What’s your problem ? You won’t die if you don’t go to the party for one year or so. Why don’t you wear masks ? I know many persons and relatives who got sick due to this negligence. Stop doing this stupidity and negligence. How many times I have to say this to you ? Just because of your negligence our country (United States) is suffering most”.

Alexandra Daddario further hits out in Instagram with her post by saying, “Doctors are quite measured and calm, but I feel this is what they mean”. Many celebrities and actresses understand why Alexandra Daddario becomes angry. They too supported her words with their views.

American actress Maddie Hasson replies Alexandra Daddario’s post by saying “I love it so much when you yell at me”.

Actress Ruby Rose makes fun of Alexandra Daddario’s post by replying as “Literally saying what all of us are thinking in the way we are thinking it. Lol”. Singer Diego Boneta and director Brandon Dermer also supported Alexandra Daddario’s post. One fan also commented on the post says it’s problem that how people can wear masks during physical activity. The post already gains close to 4 Million views.

Alexandra Daddario Becomes Angry