Sonali Bendre Latest Photoshoots After Defeating Cancer

Sonali Bendre Latest Photoshoots After Defeating Cancer

After fighting cancer, Sonali had visited India quite a long time ago. However, she has to go back to America for his last session. Meanwhile, Sonali Bendre has made a splendid photo shoot. Seeing this, the eyes of the fans were filled. They are happy and they were also proud of Sonali. In this photo shoot, her surgery marks are also visible and Sonali has spoken openly about this.

Sonali told that now I do not care. I do not worry about how to wear two pieces or I look fat. She told that she wants to relax her body now because she has seen a lot. Sonali Bendre was known for fitness and healthy eating. But now she believes that I am happy with my body.

In this photo, the marks of the surgery of Sonali are clearly visible. Talking about this, Sonali said that now I do not seem to be so bad. However, she does not know when it was normal for this mark.

The fans are very happy to see Sonali Bendre’s new avatar in this photo. Sonali is looking good in photoshoots.

Sonali Bendre looks completely confident in this photo shoot.

She has fought this war with cancer over a year. However, during this period, Sonali never gave up.

On the face of Sonali, this new shine and new comfort are very relaxing. However, the story of his struggle filled the heart of the fans.

Sonali Bendre, when she returned to India after her treatment, had come in this way. Everyone was amazed at seeing them but people welcomed them by spreading arms.

Sonali Bendre shared her entire journey with her fans continuously. Her husband Goldie Behl and son Ranvir also stood firm on this journey.

Sonali Bendre Latest Photoshoots After Defeating Cancer

It is worth mentioning that Sonali Bendre has also inspired people during their cancer fight. Always be positive. During this time, Sonali did everything that a normal person does. And without knowing it, many people would have seen the desire to live their lives.

Audience Is Waiting

Now the audience is just waiting to see when Sonali Bendre returns to the big screen or the small screen and entertain the fans as usual. Sonali Bendre also told that she does not put any pressure on his body anymore. Rather, she does not even decide on non-essential things. Significantly, news of recent illnesses in Bollywood broke the heart of the fans. The news of Sonali Bendre’s cancer has disturbed them. On the other hand, Irfan Khan was also suffering from cancer and went abroad to get his treatment. After this, Rishi Kapoor also informed the fans of his illness. But now slowly everyone is getting healthy and the fans are waiting for their favorite stars to look back on the screen.