Rare Enjoying Stuff From Alexandra Daddario

Rare Enjoying Stuff From Alexandra Daddario

American Hollywood actress Alexandra Daddario is very busy in promoting her new movie Lost Girls and Love Hotels which is set to release on September 18 of this year. But, that doesn’t mean she is not involving in any other activities. Now the latest news is that actress Alexandra Daddario is campaigning for TOGETHER FOR HER. Actually, in this COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a lot of violence occurred on women. To protest this issue and justice for victim women Alexandra Daddario has joined this campaign. Many big companies and brands are also joining this campaign. Apart from this campaign today you will also see one rare enjoying stuff from Alexandra Daddario at the end.

Rare Enjoying Stuff From Alexandra Daddario

In her latest Instagram post, Baywatch actress wrote, “I’m proud to support #TogetherForHer, which provides relief for the growing gender-based violence pandemic that has emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, I’m happy to report that @lyft has joined the TFH partners @Careorg@EIFoundation@CTAOP to help us reach more women suffering from intimate partner and domestic violence. Through their #LyftUp initiative, Lyft is providing access to ride credits for women who are leaving or have left dangerous situations. In times of crisis, reliable transportation is critical.”

The above post generated good support from fans. It got over 1.60 Lacs likes. Alexandra Daddario always comes to support for victim women. In the past, you had seen how American actress makes aware people regarding the eyes. She requested people to take care of their eyes in the same level as other organs of the body.

Alexandra Daddario is well enjoying her time even in this pandemic. With the promotion of her movie and social campaigning she also gets time to relax with her friends and enjoying time. Below is one rare enjoying stuff from Alexandra Daddario which fans may have missed it.

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