Tanhaji 4th Weekend Collection

Live Tanhaji 4th Weekend Collection, 23rd Day Box Office Update

Tanhaji 4th Weekend Collection, Live 23rd Day (4th Saturday) Box Office Update – Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior which is officially declared BLOCKBUSTER already from the trade has no sign of stopping in Maharashtra region. Today is the 23rd day and the occupancy once again going over 50% in Mumbai, CP Berar and Nizam. In the morning shows it started very strongly in Pune City and CP Berar. It continues the momentum during the afternoon time. From the evening itself, it picks up the high level again. Pune City is almost close to 70%. Mysore also joins the list. This territory is slowly and steadily scoring in every week. We can see some surprise final numbers from this region itself in the long run. Generally, this sort of movie doesn’t score high in this territory. But, when a movie becomes BLOCKBUSTER its effect come all over India. Tanhaji 4th Weekend collection is set to be very big.

Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior has scored around 2.77 Crores net mark on 22nd Day (Fourth Friday). This is an excellent number. It was just 45-50 lacs short of Uri – The Surgical Strike’s Fourth Friday number. Obviously, that movie performed BLOCKBUSTER business in Mysore (where Ticket rates were a bit higher in High end plexes). But, in terms of footfalls Tanhaji was higher than that movie on Fourth Friday. It will be very difficult to predict any lifetime for Tanhaji at the moment as most of the numbers coming from Mumbai, CP Berar and Nizam. But, that doesn’t mean other territories were silent. Mysore, UP, Bihar, Central India, Rajasthan all were contributing the total number like a HIT business movie. The only noticeable drop so far is coming from East Punjab territory.

Last week Tanhaji missed the All-Time 3rd Week Net Gross figure (Bollywood only) by slight distance. But, it remains in the Top 5 list. Now, again it started on a thunderous note in the 4th Weekend too. So, it remains to be seen can it break any record or not. There won’t be any competition this week especially in Mass belts so Tanhaji should challenge the All-Time 4th Weekend collection. Night shows just started, there is a huge growth so far all over India from yesterday. Tanhaji 4th Weekend Collection is marching towards All-Time Top 3 list or better. For Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior 22 days full Box office collection do follow this link – http://grababyte.in/tanhaji-the-unsung-warrior/.

TerritoryOccupancyDay 22
Delhi NCR31%19%
East Punjab20%11%
CP Berar55%30%
Central India22%15%
West Bengal18%12%
South India59%32%

Box Office Collection : 4.50 Crores Net Approx